Novotel Taiping Perak

10 Best Reasons To Stay Novotel Taiping Perak

10 Best Reasons to Stay Novotel Taiping Perak

My first Novotel experience was in Bangkok when I traveled there for my first shopping weekend.

The exemplary service and superb dining facilities have created a lasting impression.

I stayed at NOVOTEL BANGKOK SUKHUMVIT 20, a perfect location for connectivity and shopping and eating!

The latest Novotel Taiping Perak lives up to the brand’s image and branding. Here are 10 best reasons to stay:


Novotel Taiping Perak

#1 Location of Novotel Taiping is Central

Novotel Taiping is located on top of Taiping Mall.

Hotel Parking is at Level 6, with the car park entrance just beside the hotel. Covered parking is FREE, and the layout is spacious.

For self-drive, this is perfect. Even on a Saturday night, there is plenty of parking available, as the mall isn’t crowded.

Overall, the hotel location is excellent. Best advice; park your car and walk out to explore the city.

Novotel Taiping Perak

In Taiping, the motorist will slow down and avoid pedestrians. So be like a local and brave the traffic. Photo: Doris Lim

#2 Novotel Taiping Hotel Lobby & Check-In Service

The Lobby is contemporary, modern, and simple. Check-in is prompt and the front desk staff is friendly and helpful.

Novotel Taiping Perak

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

#3 Novotel Taiping Perak Premier Guest Room

My Premier Room has a partial lake view.

It’s spacious with a King-sized Bed and a sofa by the window with homey comforts. Everything is the room is new, modern, comfy, and fresh.

Have you ever bought some food and forgot to eat or take it out of the minibar fridge?

For me, I have forgotten so many times that it is memorable.

I just love the glass door to the minibar.

Being able to see what’s in the small fridge is important to me.

Of course, slippers and ironing boards are great.

The bathroom is good with modern rain shower, nice smelling toiletries, and huge bathrobes.

There’s a 41-inch LED TV Satellite, TV channels, MP3 docking station, and Free WiFi.

Blackout curtains and turndown service is great on its own.

I particularly like the headboard of the bed. The pillows and mattresses are luxurious and comfy.


The mark of a great hotel room is in its soundproofed rooms, and the deep sleep I get.

This is measurable by my Fitbit watch.

Novotel makes it easy for those who dream of taking home the mattress, duvet, and pillows from the guest rooms.

There’s an online Novotel Store where you can make your purchases.

Novotel Taiping PerakNovotel Taiping PerakNovotel Taiping Perak

Verdict: The rooms are a real value for money. The look and feel is a modern smart 4-star city hotel worthy of two thumbs up.

#4 Free WiFi

The WiFi signal is incredibly and consistently strong. Definitely a good plus point!

#5 Swimming Pool | Gym

Novotel Taiping has a small gym. The equipment is spanking new and sufficient.

I feel there could be more lush landscaping around the pool.

At night, the entire hotel facade is lit with a stunning blue wash and this makes the pool look very beautiful.

It would be cool to swim late at night in the blue glow.

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

#6 Welcome Drink

Welcome drink is for all Le Accors Members depending on their level. Gold Le Accors Members are allowed to have any drinks from the bar menu including cocktails and beers.

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

#7 Novotel Taiping Buffet Breakfast Review

Good ambiance with even coolness throughout the building.

There are no cold spots and neither was the restaurant stuffy.

The buffet breakfast spread is good with a variety of action stations for the Malaysian/ Western cuisine. The food is fresh and tasty.

There are a few choices of bread, good sausages, and eggs for a nice western breakfast that I enjoy with my complimentary newspaper.

I typically don’t take a heavy meal for breakfast so the selection is fine for me.

The hotel happily obliged and fulfilled my request for yogurt for the fruit and salted butter for the toast.

There are a few boxed/cordial juices on the buffet but I rather have a small fresh blended fruit juice and drink a big glass of water.

Novotel Taiping Perak has two great coffee machine in the café with fine coffee beans.

The coffee is superb. I had two strong cuppas and experienced my relaxing start to a new day.

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

#8 Explore Taiping

Novotel Taiping is located in the heart of the historic Taiping Town.

The central location is perfect for walking to the major tourist attractions within a 15 minutes radius.

I visited during the dry spell so; I didn’t have any problem walking around in the evenings.

Taiping is famous for its rains that the locals will bet on it daily.

In the early mornings, I went for a run. It is very safe in Taiping.

Even though pedestrian crossing may be few, the locals have no problem crossing the streets.

The vehicles generally slow down to avoid pedestrians.

So in Taiping, follow the locals and be bold. It’s safe to cross the roads.

I’ve done that countless times, morning, noon, afternoon, and nights. I live to tell the tale.

These are the places I visited on foot.

Perak Museum (14-minute walk) | Zoo Taiping & Night Safari (17-minute walk) | Taiping Lake Gardens (20-minute walk) | All Saints’ Church (11-minute walk) | Columbia Asia Hospital (23-minute walk)

Novotel Taiping Perak

#9 Shopping

Taiping Mall has lots of shops and the goods are remarkably cheaper than those in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

I did some checking on the price of jeans, shirts, and blouses of standard mall brands.

Even the traditional baju kurungs are a good 30% cheaper.

It’s a great place to shop if you’re not looking for high fashion.

For basic office wear, casual clothes and even children’s clothes, its great savings!

The anchor tenant is Pacific supermarket selling fresh greens, meats, and groceries.

Other floors of the mall have boutiques and sportswear.

On the upper level of the Taiping Mall are shops selling electronics, electrical items.

There is a cinema on the top floor if you fancy going to the late movies.

#10 Eating

Novotel Taiping’s in-house restaurant, the Food Exchange serves International cuisine.

I had dinner and brunch there.

The food is good; the portion is large, and it’s big on taste.

Overall from local Nasi Goreng Kampong to the promotions and desserts, the food is well seasoned, flavorful, and tasty.

Directly opposite the hotel is the town’s hawker center which caters to halal and non-halal food.

I walked to several notable restaurants and a coffee shop for some great street food and hot meals.

Novotel Taiping Perak

Photo: Doris Lim

Novotel Taiping Hotel Review

I would definitely make a few more trips to relax in Taiping and stay at the Novotel.

The hotel is modern, clean, and designed with a minimalist touch.

All the guest rooms on the upper floors have very good views as there are few high-rise buildings in Taiping.

For anyone stopping by Taiping, I would recommend staying a day or two at the Novotel Taiping Perak which is perfect for leisure and business travelers.

Novotel Taiping Perak | No 1 Jalan Tupai, Perak Darul Ridzuan, 34000 Taiping | Tel: 05-820 8288


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