Laksa Johor Best Johorean Food Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Kesum Art Restaurant in George Town has the famous Laksa Johor and authentic Johorean celebratory dishes found at state banquets on the menu.

The restaurant’s bold approach to introducing Johorean cuisine must be applauded.

Johorean cuisine is not atypical of Malay food found else in Malaysia.

The regional cuisine has Middle Eastern influence and resembles great trading in spices, herbs, and foods.

Due to its complexity and often difficult and complicated recipes, the best authentic Johorean favorite recipes like Laksa Johor are often homemade.

Johorean Food – A Marked Difference

As a whole, the Johorean dishes may have similar names to the food of the Northern states.

However, the ingredients, preparation, presentations differ.

The marked difference is the rich complexity of taste that can only be savored and harder to describe.

I tried two familiar dishes in Kesum Art Restaurant. Both have fresh fish as their main ingredient.

Growing up in a family of Nyonyas, I am familiar with the complexity of dishes and their tedious preparation.

For me, the proof was literally in the eating. Johorean cuisine bowled me over.

CNN may rank Penang Assam Laksa as No.7 in the World’s 50 best foods.

Decisively pungent, Penang’s version of laksa is a spicy-sour fish broth made with poached, flaked mackerel.

This readily available Penang street food has a bright, citrusy garnish of pineapple, onion, chili, mint, and torch ginger and that dollop of “Hare Koh.”

However, it is a commoner’s meal.

Laksa Johor is the Sultan’s Delight

The state’s favorite dish, Laksa Johor, was created by Sultan Abu Bakar in the 1800s.

The Sultan acquired a love for pasta during his travels to Italy. Upon returning, he ordered his royal chefs to make Laksa Johor with spaghetti instead of rice noodle.

What is Laksa Johor?

Laksa Johor is not a dish that you can find in a restaurant. If you want to eat it, you have to make it yourself.

Making the laksa is a wonderful tradition that bonds the family’s womenfolk as they make this labor-intensive dish together.

Most Johoreans women have fond childhood memories of helping to peel, pluck, chop, and shred the numerous fresh ingredients.

The laksa gravy is made with choice ingredients with prawns, dried prawns, fresh Ikan Parang (wolf herring), and Ikan Kurau (threadfin).

The fragrant spice mixture includes fenugreek, mustard seed, fennel, cumin, belacan. The secret is the toasty kerisik that makes the broth sing!

The garnishing for laksa Johor is

  • cucumber
  • bean sprouts
  • long beans
  • Daun Kesum (Polygonum)
  • Daun Selasih (Thai basil)

An interesting optional topping is a sprinkling of Chinese pickled radish (Chye Poh).

The preparation is labor-intensive as it includes condiments are sambal belacan and Calamansi limes.

Did I hear that Johoreans Eat Laksa Johor with their Hands?

Many Johoreans typically eat their laksa Johor with their fingers, rather than fork and spoon or chopsticks!

Due to the ingredients’ high cost, the best laksa Johor is to be had in homes.

It is served during festive occasions such as Hari Raya.

My first Laksa Johor experience is a memory piece that completes my jigsaw puzzle of what laksa would taste.

Kesum Art Restaurant’s Laksa Johor is fragrant, spicy with a robust, delicious taste of rich santan and kerisik.

The broth-like gravy thick, and even though it’s usually eaten with hands by the Johorean, I prefer using a spoon to scrape the bowl dry.

For me, the sambal belacan must be spicy hot.

The sort that makes you break a thin film of sweat on the temples, forehead, and cheeks and around the lips.

I sniffle a little.

The sensory play on my taste buds from the rich taste makes me linger at the table. I want to savor it.

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Laksa Johor at Kesum Art Restaurant Penang.

Native Botok Botok (fish wrapped in leaves) 

Johoreans Botok Botok is not to be confused with the Nyonya’s Otak-Otak (steamed fish custard).

The only similarities are both dishes are wrapped with banana leaves and steamed.

Johor’s version has 13 herbs, which are finely julienned, mixed with shredded coconut flesh and spices.

A Meal of Healing Herbs

The most authentic taste of Botok Botok is made using herbs found widely in Malaysia’s rainforest.

Kesum Art Restaurant uses 8 types of herbs, which are grown commercially for the Botok Botok dish.

The herbs are written in their Malay name.

The English translation may not be accurate.

  • Mengkudu Leaves
  • Ubi Leaves
  • Cukur Leaves
  • Selasih Leaves
  • Berbuas Leaves
  • Kunyit Leaves
  • Kesum Leaves
  • Limau Parut Leaves
  • Banana Leaves

The beautiful aroma of the steamed Botok-botok perfumes the dining room even as it is taken to the table.

Fragrance of Ulams

When you open the oblong banana leaf-encased parcel, there are more tender leaves encircling the fish.

The whole piece of sweet, firm-fleshed Ikan Tenggiri (mackerel).

The spice mix for the fish is heavy on

  • lemongrass
  • galangal
  • garlic
  • freshly grated coconut.

The herbs are to be eaten with the fish. The taste is a refreshing start off sweet, medicinal, and slightly bitter.

We had the Chicken/Beef satay and Gado-Gado as starters.

We lifted the fish, separated the center bone and some side bones.

The bottom layer of greens is scraped off to be eaten. The herbal leaves are full of fish juices and spices and taste delicious.

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

The fragrant Botok Botok is served with white rice, fish crackers, salted egg, and two types of condiments.

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Delicious meaty, succulent Chicken | Beef Satay

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Gado Gado is served with a separate dipping sauce.

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Bubur Pulut Hitam.

Best Halal Laksa Johor Kesum Art Restaurant Penang

Pengat Pisang. Photo: Doris Lim

Kesum Art Restaurant Review

Kesum Art Restaurant’s owners take pride in ensuring the authenticity of the traditional flavor of Johorean cuisine.

Its simple, cozy environment, quiet ambiance, and attentive service make this a top Malay cuisine restaurant in George Town.

The restaurant doubles up as an art gallery featuring local Malay artists’ work prominently on the walls. There is a small gallery on the first floor.

Location-wise, Kesum Art Restaurant is perfect for business lunch in the heart of Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Core Zone.

I had several meals, sampling the menu, and returned to my favorites a few times.

Several of my friends have visited, and they are pleased with the delicious meals.

This is where you head to for the best Laksa Johor in Penang.

Kesum Art Restaurant | 57, Stewart Lane, 10400 George Town, Penang | Tel: +604-262 5757
Business hours: 11.30 am to 6 pm Saturday to Thursday. Close on Friday.

Update: Kesum Art Restaurant has relocated here.

Kesum Art Restaurant
104, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 George Town, Penang
04-262 5757
Business hours: 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm
Close on Monday.

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