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Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids

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Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids

Owl Museum, Penang Hill

Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids

Malaysia’s first Owl Museum at Bukit Bendera, Penang, is popular during the school holidays.

Owls are active nocturnal birds of prey.

They have a large broad head, huge eyes and hunt small mammals, insects, and other birds.

With binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, these swift birds are silent in flight.

The fascinating world of owls still draws cheerful resounding hoots from visitors.

The museum is at the lowest level of the three-story Cliff Cafe complex.

The entrance is via a staircase between the food courts. It is visible as you exit the Penang Hill Railway Upper Station and take a right, to walk on the elevated corridor.

Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids
The Owl Museum in Penang Hill is in the Malaysia Book of Records

Wonderful World of Owls

The Owl Museum is a great place for children to discover the wonderful world of owls.

The owls in the collection are made from a wide variety of materials.

Porcelain, glass, metal, stone, wood seashells, crystals, fabric, paper, and even recycled materials.

Common species of owl found in this region are provided in the series of framed interactive info. Panels which flip-open or swing to reveal more details about owls.

There are 17 species of an owl in Malaysia, out of some 200 species worldwide.

Most Malaysian who lives in the city has never seen a live owl in their lifetime!

Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids
Renderings of Owls on display at the Owl Museum

Owl Inspired Exhibits

According to the museum, some exhibits are between 20-30 years old.

Around one thousand owl-inspired items on display. These items originate from over 20 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Uruguay, China, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Indonesia, and France.

It represents the owls in the form of paintings, sculptures, carvings, and even tapestries throughout history at the museum.

Penang Owl Museum Bukit Bendera Free Entry For Kids
Alyssum souvenirs to take home!

Owl-inspired Souvenirs

The museum ends at the gift shop, where you can buy various owl-inspired souvenirs. There are mementos such as owl replicas, soft toys, bags, t-shirts, and even accessories!

Owl Museum has almost everything owl except perhaps a live owl. Well, for an overload of cuteness, check out the Teddy Museum here.  If you’re interested to visit, there are 4 Owl Museums in the world.  

Owl Museum | Level B3, Astaka Bukit Bendera, Jalan Tunku Yahaya Petra, Bukit Bendera
Opening Hours: Daily 9.00am-6.00pm | Entrance Fee: RM 10.00 for Adults, FREE for children.

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    1. There a quite a number of museums in Penang. You’ll be surprised that that’s one for every genre including scary ones featuring mannequins! Do Google for those that piques your interest!

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