Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare 1

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare

Big Beans Cafe serves up western food your mom would proudly make for your breakfast in Madras Lane, Penang.

This tuck shop is popular with students, working adults and families.

Just like home, the home-cooked food concept is relaxing and welcoming. Chef Susan Moy is Mom personified with her home-style cooking that reminisces of home.

Her love of cooking and caring personality shines in the little café she runs with her husband Mike.

Mike pulls a mean cuppa and my favorite is the Americano with a splash of milk.

This is a must-have pick me up and my weekend indulgence.  The husband and wife team run the café after their retirement and keep busy.

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare 2

Coffee Art. Photo Big Beans Cafe Facebook.

Big Beans Cafe – Humble beginnings

Michael and Susan’s café started off as a tiny Western Food outlet in a kopitiam in Sg. Ara popular with local mountain bikers.

Their popular Big Breakfast is on the All Day Breakfast Menu at Big Beans. Scrambled eggs, hamburger patty, sauteed mushrooms, sliced ham, a whole grilled tomato, buttered toasts, and a large sausage!

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare 3

Big Breakfast at Big Beans Cafe. Photo Big Beans Cafe Facebook.

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare 4

Big Burger. Photo: Doris Lim.

“The food I prepare is something I used to cook for my family when my son was growing up. I make it with good quality ingredients and make sure there’s no MSG in my cooking.

I make everything from scratch and it is fresh,” said Susan.

Mike learns how to make coffee from their son, Adrian, who is a qualified Barista in Kuala Lumpur. Mike chuckles.

“This may seem like Italian or French cuisine, but its actually something Mom would make with love.”

Big Beans Cafe Serves Mom & Pop Tuck Shop Fare 5

Mike and Chef Susan. Photo: Doris Lim.

Big Beans Cafe is a Mom & Pop Tuck Shop

While this is definitely a Mom & Pop shop all grown up, it could rival any coffee café joint in town.

Big Beans Café is a fertile ground for making new friends for new walk-in customers.

A friendly atmosphere with easy banter, lots of shared jokes and laughter.

Their top sellers Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Mushroom & Bacon made with Smoky Back Bacon. This spicy dish is a must for pasta and bacon lovers!

The seasoning is just right as we notice there are no salt and pepper shakers on the tables.

Another top seller worth checking out is the BBQ Chicken & Ham Ciabatta. Mike makes secret the signature tartar sauce, fusion wasabi sauce, and BBQ sauce.

Susan makes the BBQ chicken marinate from a well guarded secret recipe.

Big Beans Cafe Review

The cafe has a homey friendly atmosphere with resonable prices.

You can try the Daily Set Lunch with Rice, a dish and fried egg on top. One of my favoruies is the Bittergroud with Chicken and Rice.

There are a few varietys. You can check with Uncle Mike as you order.

Another one of my favourite lunch order is Samble Fried Rice with Bacon.

Drop by for a meal and check out the interesting murals on the walls. Pose as an angel or be part of the madness with Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, and Teddy.

Don’t forget to pose with Baymax and R2-D2 who have taken sentry duty. If you like to hide out, there is a comfy settee with recycled tires as coffee tables!

The Big Beans | 52, Lorong Madras, George Town, Penang | Telephone: +604-622 1876 | Opens Daily 8.30am – 5.00pm | Off Day Every Monday

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