How Much Is It To See A Fish Doctor Here In Thailand?

How Much Is It To See A Fish Doctor Here In Thailand?

How Much Is It To See A Fish Doctor Here In Thailand?

Mikey told me once that he wished he could smack someone so hard that Google can’t find her anymore.

But we foundfish spa as we rounded the corner in a night market in Hua Hin. Ridiculous, isn’t it.

Try smacking fish, Mikey?

Fish doctor? Google that, please.

Er… epidermis-eating Garra rufa, also known as doctor fish, is a fish species that lives and breeds in the pools of some Turkish river systems and hot springs.

Yup, the live demo was going on.

The Fish Doctor Treatment

There were several low lit glass aquariums with stools where customers could sit with their feet immersed in warm freshwater.

We watched one with pretty pedicured feet being attacked by the tiny toothless Garra rufa fish, the anchovy size.

These were swarming around to suck and nibble away at the dry and dead skin at toes, heels, and ankles.

“She seems to enjoy toe sucking,” Mikey winked and grinned.

The operator of the spa turned on her charm to convince us that this form of relaxing therapy would

  • stimulate acupuncture points
  • helping to regulate the nervous system
  • relax the body
  • release fatigue

Improve blood flow and circulation, remove bacteria, and reduce foot odor and help with athlete’s foot.

Fish Doctor Organic Skin Exfoliator

The fish is an organic skin exfoliator. The results to leave your feet feeling softer, cleaner, and refreshed after the treatment.

Happy Feet.

The owner said that the spa operates good standards of hygiene.

There’s practically little risk of infection.

Almost convinced and tempted us to try. Did we?

Mikey yelled at us to take a look at the other tanks. He found a man with nasty foot psoriasis on both feet having a spa!

We took off immediately to hunt for a safer offering. Made mental notes to buy pumice stones and metal files.

In the meantime, we could live with ugly feet for a while until we reached home.

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