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How To Stop Pressuring Yourself Being Number One All The Time

How To Stop Pressuring Yourself Being Number One All The Time

Many students false beliefs make them feel pressured and stressed being number one all the time.

Teh Healinghart Centre Clinical Psychologist, Ms Doreen Teh, shares this insightful story.

In our Asian society, it is common for us to be told, ‘Work hard. Be No. 1’

Our first role-models that is, our parents, teachers, elders, will usually point out all the people they know who were No. 1s

Gradually, we felt ‘less of’ or even as ‘failures’ because we will never be No.1

Good and obedient children feel disappointed as they cannot please or make their parents proud of them.

Feel Stressed Trying to be Number One All the Time

A few years ago, Mr T brought his daughter to see me. She was in Form 4 and often cried before her exams.

He had already made an appointment for his daughter to see a psychiatrist earlier, but he brought her over for an appointment when he found out about my clinic.

Miss. T was very polite, somewhat shy, and lacked confidence. She equated her self-worth to her academic performance and achievements.

She had always worked hard and was self-motivated, highly ambitious, and she wanted to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Her parents are uneducated, and they worked hard to give their children the best.

Miss. T’s classmates are from middle to higher-income families. Her friends live a luxurious lifestyle with maids to take care of their every need. These rich kids often holiday abroad.

Miss. T was ashamed of her family background and became determined to change her fate!

Being Number Two and Number One

Unfortunately, despite working so hard, she always ended up No. 2

Besides, she had teachers who would look at her in disbelief or shamed her in front of others when her marks exceeded other supposedly more intelligent or ‘higher valued’ students.

Once, the teacher even said aloud, ‘There must be a mistake. You cannot have the highest mark.’

Poor girl!! Imagine her disgrace. The humiliation, insult, disrespect, discrimination scared her. Her self-confidence further declined.

She began to doubt herself and started to believe that she is less worthy and less capable because of her family background.

How To Stop Pressuring Yourself Being Number One All The Time 1

The pressure to achieve a perfect report card is daunting.

Empowering Miss T. not to be pressured to be Number One

In working with Miss. T, I helped her identify her strengths.

It was important for her to recall all her accomplishments and credit her hard work, positive traits, skills, and abilities.

She needed to recognize her ‘gifts’ and empower herself.

We also worked on relaxation techniques so she could learn to de-stress. It was important for Miss. T to lead a more balanced life.

School is not only about studying and doing well in exams.

It is the time to build upon many essential life skills through participation in extra-curricular activities, exploring things we like or dislike, discovering our strengths vs areas to work on, friendships, community service, and others.

After a few sessions, Miss T was happier. She was sleeping better, and her focus improved.

She has learned to accept, embrace, and like herself.

Miss. T learned to engage in various activities she was interested in and excelled in creative arts, community service.

She could manage her time better as she continued studying hard and enjoyed watching TV or going out with friends.

Miss. T was no longer so stressed out or feels guilty when she was having fun.

As she began to relax and not try so hard and put so much pressure on herself from being ‘beaten down’ by others, she became Number One!

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