Little India Hot Puttu For Supper Penang

Little India Hot Puttu For Supper Penang

Little India Hot Puttu For Supper Penang

A popular choice for breakfast or a light supper, hot puttu also means “portioned” in Tamil.

Coarsely ground rice flour is filled in stainless puttu vessels, sprinkled gently with centres of brown sugar and steamed over high heat until the rice mixture is set.

Seemingly easy to make, the moisture content of the puthu flour will determine its dryness or softness. Since it’s quite bland on its own, Puthu is eaten with a little brown sugar and fresh grated coconut.

In the evenings, a stall outside a coffee shop at the junction of Penang Street and China Street sells Hot Puthu, three pieces for RM3

Looks simple enough. The little towers of puttu containers are lined up to be filled.

In addition to the Puthu, the vendor has three types of Kolkatai which are sweet steamed dumpling made of rice flour.  Interestingly these are hand formed instead of made in moulds.

All the varieties have coconut chunks and are delicious without being overly sweet.  5 small pieces are sold for RM2.


Eswari fills these by hand.
The ready puthu, served with shaved coconut flesh and brown sugar. Photo: Doris Lim


Friendly and ever smiling Eswari! Photo: Doris Lim

Another delicious treat is the Puttu Mayong which is sold in the evenings in Little India.

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