Frank Laurent Coffee For A Little Tete a Tete 1

Frank Laurent Coffee For A Little Tete a Tete

Frank Laurent Coffee For A Little Tete a Tete

Frank Laurent Coffee is one of the earliest boutique Malaysia roasters in Penang.

We have had many coffees over the years at several of the outlets.

Penang café experience is mostly at Instagramable shabby-chic cafes.

I instead drink my cuppa somewhere with a good clean interior.

There may be a certain charm attributed to mismatched, misbalanced chairs.

But there are places you can’t bring your septuagenarian aunt to without getting a tongue lashing on what you should and should not do.

One of which she says, “Hygiene, please.”

Enough said Frank Laurent Coffee passed the mark of coffee drinking, handbag trotting Tai Tai aunties who love gossip, and the once over for any woman who walks in.

I love coffee, cakes, and vibes.

The aunties – oh, wells!

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

Frank Laurent surprised me with their wide selection of international coffee beans.

For someone who thrives on weekday Nescafe Gold and weekends café brews, the sight of the sacks of prime international coffee beans was invigorating.

I’ve had my coffee black for so long that recently I changed to a Caffe Latte.

Most of the brews downtown are too acidic for my taste.

Frank Laurent Coffee

We decided to visit Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ main outlet on Udine Square’s ground floor – a brisk walk from nearby E-Gate.

The outlet connects to Tesco Food Court, where we had our lunch.

While Frank Laurent’s specialties include far-flung international brews from places I need to Google to find – I felt no inclination to try.

What We Order At Frank Laurent Coffee

We just like sane and safe – without looking at the menu, we ordered.

Maze looked at me and smiled.

Cakes – has to be chocolate with coffee and tea.

Frank Laurent Coffee For A Little Tete a Tete

Devil (RM14)

Devil’s food cake is a moist, rich chocolate layer cake. If you like the white angel food cake, then this is the devilish version!

Forest Noire (RM15)

Forest Noire or the Black Forest cake, is an exquisite after-dinner dessert.

I enjoyed this without it being overly sweet smothered in cream.

The cake is simple and a favorite, with preserved cherries and Chocolate genoise.

I will go back for another slice.

Café Latte (RM11)

The coffee flavor is intense.

The latte has distinct layers.

The drink is creamy, delicious with layers of espresso and steamed milk.

Frank Laurent Coffee For A Little Tete a Tete

Café Latte (RM11)

Gryphon Tea (RM11)

I’m not a tea drinker and will, at best, order an Earl Grey tea, a tea blend flavored with the addition of bergamot oil.

At the same time, Earl Grey is made from black teas such as China Keemun and normally intended to be drunk without milk.

I will add a splash of milk.

Maz is a tea drinker and likes her tea, hot and black.

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Review:

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters provides a good coffee experience for an afternoon tet a tet.

However, I haven’t gotten around to ordering their food.

The Cafe Latte agrees with me. It is bold and rounded and goes easy on my tummy.

I had 2 cups and no trouble sleeping later at night.

Some of my friends know my preference – I rather drink coffee at a beach hotel, when we get a sea view and table service instead of queuing and carrying our hot drinks and cakes around.

Frank Laurent Coffee is good, so I do the table waltz with my hot drinks and coffee.

Frank Laurent Coffee
Udini Square, Block 2-1-20, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 3, 11700 Gelugor, Penang
Business Hours: 9.30 am to 10.30 pm


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