Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Treats are great at Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang, especially for a reward.

Finally, after some postponements, lots of travel plans, and the COVID-19 lockdown – PHEW!

I managed to find a few hours to chill with some good me time and a belated birthday treat that got postponed!

I was with Valerie, and she said, if birthday celebrations are canceled – we remain on the same birthday for another year!

This sounds very good to me. Either way, I think mentally by birthday stopped at 12.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Back to the spa story.

I bought some delicious spa vouchers and decided to enjoy my weekend.

What else is more relaxing than a day at the resort?

Just being so close to the sea is immediately relaxing.

I was wiggling my toes in the sand and walking around in flip-flops.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang 1

Why Rock Spa?

Hard Rock Hotel the world over has the friendliest crew.

When I travel, I will try different spa treatments in various hotels and resorts.

The reason I choose Rock Spa as a Hard Rock Hotel is a fantastic experience of a HOTEL.

All the crews are superbly friendly. The guest rooms are cozy.

The world-famous Hard Rock Café offers a wide range of Western favorites in generous American-style portions.

The food is excellent, and it’s always a fantastic experience to stay here.

This is not my first experience at the Rock Spa.

I remember a session when I stayed there shortly after Hard Rock Hotel Penang opened.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Foot Massage is always good at Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang accoladed numerous awards

In 2013, Rock Spa was the Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2013 for

  • Most Creative Traditional Massage – Rhythm Sticks Massage and
  • Best Couples Getaway – Buff Bar

Harper’s Bazaar Top 30 Spas in Malaysia (2010) for “Most Relaxing Ritual.”

Rock Spa has been rated five stars by the Ministry of Culture Malaysia & Tourism 1 of Penang’s only two spas.

How Expensive is Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang?

How expensive is subjective.

You can get an RM90 per hour Thai massage in Pulau Tikus with zero environments.

It boils down to what you want to experience.

If you want to rejuvenate your body and soul – the Rock Spa is where you want to head for treatments done in the spa bungalow or the private villas by the sea.

I will choose essential treatment for my weekly get the creek out from my shoulders. For special occasions to relax, I will head to a hotel with top-notch facilities.

As with all Spa, do call ahead and check if there are any promotions you can purchase if you want the biggest bang for your buck.

Hard Rock Penang Spa Menu

The spa menu is extensive, with different revitalizing treatments for a rock star treatment

  • body massages
  • body scrubs
  • body wraps
  • facials
  • manicures
  • pedicures

You can choose to customize the combinations that best perform soul restoration from the dozens of spa treatments available.

  • Hard Rock Massage
  • Retune Yourself Massage
  • Rhythm Sticks Massage
  • Buff Bar Massage
  • Rhythm and Motion Massage

Each massage has its unique benefit and massage style; thus, choose the one that suits you best.

Rock Spa Massage & Feast Spa Voucher

Massage & Feast Spa Voucher RM150.00 net per person
(worth RM272.00 net) inclusive of

Validity: until 30 June 2020

You can check with Rock Spa and purchase this directly.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Rock Spa Massage & Feast Spa Voucher

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

You get a Set Lunch Voucher for your meal at Hard Rock Cafe.

My Hard Rock Massage at Rock Spa

I was served a cup of warm ginger tea before my massage experience.

The voucher was for treatment in the Outdoor Villa.

Hard Rock Hotel has a stringent SOP for COVID-19 procedures.

One of the requirements was for the guest to shower and sanitize before a massage treatment.

Hence, I was “upgraded” to having my treatment in a private room in the Bungalow.

The Bungalow – Rock Spa

I enjoyed the private room for my treatment.

The room was spacious and attached with a private bathroom.

I appreciate the privacy of an attached bathroom – no awkward walking around to a shared washroom!

Instead of a locker, I could place my belongings in a proper cupboard.

My mobile phone and glasses go into the jewelry box drawer designated on the side table.

The cozy ambiance gives you a chance to unwind.

After a quick shower, I was ready for my treatment.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The ambiance at Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Spa therapist – Rock Spa

My spa therapist, Chris, introduced herself.

She was attired correctly with a full-face shield and wore disposable latex gloves.

Rock Spa takes all the necessary precautions to protect both the guest and masseur as part of Hard Rock Hotel’s commitment to the SAFE+SOUND safety guidelines and hygiene protocols.

The maximum time contact per guest for treatment is 60 minutes.

Even after donning the precautionary dressing, Chris, the expert masseuse does her job well.

She is skillful and attentive to details and asked reassuring questions if the pressure was adequate.

Chris is attentive and asks for preferences.

My request was simple.

Gentle to medium pressure with a focus on shoulders, lower back, hands, and fingers as I spend a lot of time hunched over my comp.

She began with my back and the legs to gently stroking fatigue muscles.

I opted not to use any aromatherapy oils – Ginger in particular, as I had a meeting in the afternoon.

After the massage, Chris wiped the excess oil using a clean towel – this helped make me comfortable when putting on my clothes.

I was relaxed and slept throughout the session. I felt my muscles relaxed and restored after the one-hour therapy and wished I could enjoy a 2 hours session.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Scan the QR Code for your menu to order. We had the Barbecue Chicken and Fish & Chips. Desserts – Marble Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies.

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Penang Review

I recommend the Rock Spa for the beautiful environment, great views, and friendly, helpful staff.

The Rock Spa is a perfect place to have some rest.

My overall experience was an enjoyable massage – totally relaxing. One of the most delightful ways of waking up from deep slumber was the single, crisp, clear sound of a bell.

I woke up refreshed, alert, and feeling very relaxing.

The service exceeded my expectations, and I shall be coming back again soon!

I loved my set lunch at Hard Rock Café.

I had the Barbecue Chicken – half a chicken!

The food and dessert (marble cheesecake) are incredible.

Everything was fine. Keep on Rockin’

Rock Spa | Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Operating Hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Daily) (by appointment only)
Call +604 8868 071 for reservation
E-mail: [email protected]
Note: 2 days of booking is required.

Check out the Spa Menu below.

Click to access Rock-Spa-Limited-Menu-3.pdf

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