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Best Must Try Sweet Desserts near Sky Avenue Genting Highlands

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Best Must Try Sweet Desserts near Sky Avenue Genting Highlands Dream Colour Drinks

Best Must-Try Sweet Desserts near Sky Avenue Genting Highlands

Try these best must-try sweet desserts near Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands; if you like small bites and coffee between your main meals.

Sky Avenue has extensive food selections from international cuisines from Western, European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. There are good choices of snack cafes, ideal for the moments to indulge your sweet tooth during teatime.

Dream Color, the Dreamy Tea Drinks

Dream Colour has the latest rage in-trend beverages which are healthy and tasty. The fresh fruit juices, milk, and milk tea are a riot of rainbow colors. Both Instagram-worthy and dreamy, the healthy concoctions are so pleasant to look at. We love to play by tilting the slim bottle to see how the colors change. I know I feel happy just looking at it.

Gindaco, Japanese Takoyaki

Gindaco Takoyaki makes these ping pong size Japanese street food snack which is always delicious on the go. The piping hot takoyaki balls are crispy on the outside with creamy center with octopus filling. The drizzle of Gindaco special sauce and bonito flakes on top give it that tasty umami flavor.

Great for sharing, these takoyaki balls can be a full meal with a drink!


Tokyo Secret

For lovers of Tokyo Secret’s famous creamy, cheesy Hanjuku cheese tart you got to try the new Shukyurimu. This is a crushed almond coated pastry filled with rich, creamy custard filling.

Cafes Richard

Richard Café is the most exquisite designer outlet which looks like a flower when viewed from the top. This is the best spot for some hand-brew coffee, afternoon tea set, cakes, and desserts.

Tian Ma Bird Nest

Enjoy delicious nourishing sips of Bird Nest Soup in sweet coconut water or Bird Nest Porridge in savory. This is premium food and perfect for pampering. Nourish your body and soul once in a while.


Dal.Komm Coffee

Korean Dessert Shop has great coffee and incredibly delicious desserts. The must-try hot chocolate is richer, chocolatier than any normal hot chocolate. This comes with a chocolate cube on a stick which you dunk in the creamy hot milk. This is the perfect drink on a chilly afternoon. We love the decadent Cruffin too!

llao llao Frozen Yogurt

Popular frozen yogurt dessert from Spain, Llaollao (pronounced as Yao Yao), is a sweet treat that has lesser calories than ice cream. The taste is creamy but not sweet. I could eat the soft natural yogurt on its own. Paul prefers it with all his favorite toppings which he orders by telling the staff the toppings he doesn’t want. Paul loved the crushed Oreos, chocolate chips, dried berries, and fresh fruits toppings!

Madame Waffle

Belgium waffle with ice cream? Yes…give me one too! Never fail to love artisanal Belgium liege waffle from this cafe, prepared using finest ingredients imported from Japan.


If you have a sweet tooth like me you will not want to miss these best must-try sweet desserts near Sky Avenue when you’re next up at Genting Highlands.


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