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Travel Friendly Women Shoes Made for Walking in Asia

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Travel Friendly Women Shoes Made for Walking in Asia

Travel-Friendly Women Shoes Made for Walking in Asia

Walking in Asia and exploring a city on foot is the best way to take in all the sights when you travel. However, the temperature ranges from warm to hot and humid. Is a lot different than other parts of the world? You will need breathable shoes. Strappy sandals and even flip-flops are a good choice where there is a good chance of getting wet. You may hop on and off a scooter, a tuk-tuk or clamber in and out of a long tail boat in Thailand.

Planning that trip!

Getting your destination and travel dates locked down with a group of friends isn’t that hard or easy. It’s just finding a suitable date and fixing a budget. Flights are booked and paid for. Accommodations all sorted out. We checked the travel weather for the next 10 days and everything looks fine.

The ultimate travel task for your next new adventure looms ahead. For women travelers, our favorite destination is Thailand! 

Packing your bags!

The first time I traveled I was so naive. I bought the largest suitcase possible. That was a failed plan from the day I lugged that ginormous 27″ x 21″ x 14″ suitcase into my little car to take it home. What was I thinking? Young and 22. That was thirty years ago and the internet wasn’t invented yet! After 30 years of travel, I have more or less learned a few tricks (now called hacks, I know).

In case you’re new at packing, I have a few packing list guides that you can refer to at the end of the post.

All that done and we start the countdown calendar.

Really REALLY?

Nagging questions

But what are the best shoes for travel? Do you go for cute or practical? What are the most comfortable shoes to spend up to 12 hours of walking around? How much do really good shoes cost? Will everything match for dinner in a nice restaurant? Do I bring an LBD? How do I not look like a dork?

I have answered a big YES to all of the above questions. I know as I learned that all the hard way. Getting blisters and sprained ankles are no fun. I even experienced a mega wardrobe malfunction just before going out to dinner. The heel of my dinner pumps fell off. If ever that was the worst time. This was my Cinderella Moment! 

Keep on reading and we speed along.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Shoes for Travelling

Shoes serve to protect our feet and cushion our body weight. Finding the correct shoes with a good fit keeps our feet happy. When our feet are happy, we are happy.  So how do you find that proverbial Cinderella shoe? (that doesn’t fall off or falls apart)

What we need to remember is that the best shoes to wear for travel are comfortable shoes. Comfort should come foremost. If you’re thinking stylish pumps and knee-high boots, you might feel differently limping on the cobblestone street of Charles Bridge in Prague. This happened to me!

Even after you find the right shoes, remember to replace them every six months to one year of regular use. Your shoes will wear down over time depending on your walk and gait.

Shoes that work for the office, pumps and pretty ballet pumps, loafers and moccasins may not work if you need to walk all the time. Going out to travel you need to keep moving morning, noon and night. So being comfortable is key to happy travels.

Best Travel Shoes For Walking in Asia

Think about it; are you ever happy when your feet hurt? Even when you’re at home nursing blisters from dancing all night on stiletto pumps you’re pretty miserable at best.

Shopping and finally breaking into a comfortable pair of walking shoes is the most important agenda of vacation packing. Remember this mantra: Comfortable feet are happy feet.

Walking shoes for travel are easy to find,
if you remember these few things.

Using orthopedics

If you use orthotics inserts you will need to find shoes with a removable footbed. This will accommodate your slip in saviors.

Sperry Women Seacoast Fashion Sneaker fish circle is best for walking in Asia

Best Shoes for Removable PU Moulded Footbed: Sperry Seacoast Canvas Sneakers work best for decent looking shoes with plenty of room.

GET 39% OFF for USA Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Seacoast Striped Oxford Fashion Sneaker, Charcoal, US


ELEFT 4D Barefoot Arch Support Insoles is best insole for walking in Asia
ELEFT 4D Terry Cloth Barefoot Insoles Women’s Multifunction: Support Forefoot, Arch and Heel Best Insoles for Walking, High heel shoes, Boots, Athletic, Travel, Relieve Plantar Fasciitis

Best Support Insoles: ELEFT 4D Barefoot Arch Support Insoles for Women have multifunction support for forefoot, arch, and heel. This insole is great for walking, travel and relieves Plantar Fasciitis. The insole fits high heel shoes, boots and athletic footwear for walking in Asia.

Wear Your Cotton Socks

No one wants wets, itchy and worst still smelly feet. Cotton socks absorb sweat best. If you have a rubber allergy you may want to break into them well. The new rubber grips may bite into your ankles and cause a rash. To break into socks (yes!) wear them around at home. Just be sure to break them in well before you go on vacation. I will normally bring socks I have worn before instead of brand new pairs on holiday.

Sometimes, you want to show a little ankle cleavage!

Ankle High Mesh Fishnet Socks is best for walking in Asia
Amart 2PCS Fashion Personal Women Socks Anti-slip Fish Nets Ankle High Elegant Mesh Lace Fishnet Short Sock

Best Dress Up Socks: Sexy Ankle High Mesh Fishnet Socks make dinner wear extraordinary!

How Many Pairs of Shoes to Pack for a Trip?

Shoes take up too much precious space in your suitcase. This adds to the weight of your check-in luggage. So my advice is to bring wear one pair and bring another in your check-in luggage. So choose wisely.

Walking shoes

Lace-up shoes work best as these are easier to adjust when your feet swell after hours of flying or sightseeing. Add a legendary Women’s Converse Shoes to a wardrobe.

Converse Womens Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox Black is best for walking in Asia

Best Lace-Up Shoes: Converse Womens Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox Black

Strappy Sandals

These leather strappy sandals are wide and snug enough to wear with a dress for walking in Asia.

Rockport Cobb Hill Womens Fiona Sandal is best for walking in Asia
Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Fiona Sandal, Brown,6.5 M US

Best Strappy Sandals: Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Fiona Sandal, Brown

Hiking boots

You need good quality hiking boots only if you’re a serious hiker. Good quality hiking boots weight a lot more than sandals and flats. It’s better to wear them in transit.

Having said that I have hiked up Pala-U Waterfall in Hua Hin, Thailand. I wore my just ‘over the top’ Fitflop sandals and live to tell the disco tale. What was I thinking dressed up like this!

Fitflop Glitterball Back-Strap Sandals-Black is best for walking in Asia
Glitterball Back-Strap Sandals-Black

Best Comfortable Sandals: Fitflop Glitterball Back-Strap Sandals-Black

Dress Shoes

In the resorts in Thailand, some restaurants and theater open to holidaymakers aren’t that strict on dress codes. So it’s quite alright to wear slip-on sandals with a small heel or something flat and strappy. For lifesaver 101, I bought a tie-dye dress and wore a pretty floral strappy flip-flop to the KAAN Show. These wedgie Flip Flop sandals are the ultimate from the beach to dinner wear.

Hotmarzz Womens Platform Flip Flop Wedge Sandal Summer Beach Slippers , Apricot
Hotmarzz Women’s Platform Flip Flop Wedge Sandal Summer Beach Slippers, Apricot

Best Flip Flops: Hotmarzz Women’s Platform Flip Flop Wedge Sandal Summer Beach Slippers in Apricot for walking in Asia.


After you settle on the shoes which is wear one carry one or none, you’re ready to tick off the packing list.
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