You can sit at the semi-enclosed area outside 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Top 5 Items To Buy After Midnight At 7 Eleven Malaysia

Top 5 Items to Buy After Midnight at 7 Eleven Malaysia

7 Eleven Malaysia is the single largest convenience store chain in the country.

There are over 2,210 stores nationwide in Malaysia. Open 24/7, and it serves over 900,000 customers daily.

Malaysian stores may not be comparable to the 7 Eleven in Taiwan or Thailand, but the popularity is there.

Did you know that there are lots of other things you can get done at 7 Eleven?

One of the most important for women travelers is getting help!

Hot Cup Noodles

If you’ve been to the 7 Eleven outside Malaysia, you’re likely to look bored at the noodles here.

You can choose a Maggie or Cintan cup noodles.

Fervent wish?

Some hot and spicy Korean or Japanese noodles would be excellent.

Top 5 Items To Buy After Midnight At 7 Eleven Malaysia 1

Like a hot bowl of ramen?

Top 5 Items To Buy After Midnight At 7 Eleven Malaysia 2

Rows of snacks and drinks at 7 Eleven

I have asked the local 7 Eleven at several outlets, and their top seller items after midnight rake in the best sales. What are these?

Top 5 Items to Buy at 7 Eleven Malaysia after Midnight

  1. Energy & Cooling drinks
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Beers
  4. Condom
  5. Pregnancy Test Kit

I looked around and found that the 7 Eleven Pregnancy Test Kit sells out fast too.

Pregnancy Test Kit

The Cost of the Pregnancy Test Kit can range from RM2.80 (you order online) to famous brands like CLEARBLUE Pregnancy Test Kit 1’s RM19.90, which you can pick up from a regular pharmacy.

You can find Dip’ N’ Tell at 7 Eleven for RM23.00

If I could converse with the attendants in the 7 Eleven outside Malaysia, that’s probably the same scenario.

The reason being, couples need to find out if they are pregnant FAST.

Have you missed your menstrual period?

You can get a pregnancy Test Kit and Health Care in any 7 Eleven stores nationwide in Malaysia.

The test kits for positive pregnancy are detected by an accurate reading of the morning urine stream.

Aside from this, you can find prenatal care and baby welcome box gifts on the same aisle.

I often joked that 7 Eleven have life planning on the same aisle as the largest 24-hours convenience store.

Pegnancy Test Kit is available at 7 Eleven in Malaysia.

Pregnancy Test Kit is available at 7 Eleven in Malaysia.

Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Coffee

In Malaysia, aside from soft drinks and cola, energy-boosting beverages are trendy.

There are many options for cold drinks, hot drinks, and drinks from a machine.

You’ll be overwhelmed to find your favorites.

Energy Drinks are popular at 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Energy Drinks are popular at 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Malaysian Cooling Water

Three Legs Cooling Water (三脚标清热水) is an affordable traditional Chinese medicine drink for many Chinese immigrants.

These workers developed heartiness-related ailments as they sought to acclimatize to Malaysia’s unusual tropical heat and humidity.

The drink tastes like mineral water.

It has reputed help neutralize “heatiness” within the body.

Symptoms showing heatiness include red eyes, fatigue, irritability, loss of concentration, and profuse sweating.

Other ailments include ulcers, fever, or even toothache!

Three Legs Cooling Water comprises de-ionized water and the natural mineral gypsum fibrosum – a type of plaster stone containing calcium sulfate and is “cooling by nature.”

Cooling Drinks are available at 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Cooling Drinks are available at 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Cheap Business Centre Services

Print, fax, and copy. It is standard.

Reloads Handphone and Touch n Go

You can reload your prepaid mobile phone minutes here for

  • Digi
  • maxis HotLink
  • U Mobile
  • X MOL points
  • Touch n Go
  • Money Online

Make Payment for Utilities

U Mobile, Astro, mol pay, TM, water, electric, and Alipay

Shop Online Without a Credit Card

Lazada Over-the-Counter payment service is available in 7 Eleven stores.

Customers can pay for offline processing at the store upon checkout in Lazada, with 7-Eleven as the preferred payment option.

This payment service is available 24/7 for an alternative convenience to enhance every shopper’s online shopping experience.

Relatively calm, which reminds me to share this.

Can you book a hotel room with without a credit card?

If you’re traveling and forgot to bring a towel or toiletries.

At 7 Eleven, they sell various size towels. You can buy a bath towel and even hand towels (face towels) if you forget to pack one in your luggage.

My recommendation is to get hand towels which are easier to store wet in your travel bags.

You can sit at the semi-enclosed area outside 7 Eleven Malaysia.

You can sit in the semi-enclosed area outside 7 Eleven Malaysia.

Outdoor seating

The snack and meal options are plentiful. Most Malaysians will buy takeaway.

There is some outdoor seating, which is famous for inexpensive coffee.

One can study, read a paper, work on their notebooks, eat their 7-11 food or drink, and chat.

Some of the best places to stay when you’re overseas are at a hotel with a 7-Eleven outlet at the ground level.

Click the 7 Eleven logos for GPS locations!

7 Eleven store locator link

7 Eleven Store Locator

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