Armenian Street Park Penang Heritage Enclave

Armenian Park Penang at Penang Heritage Enclave

Armenian Park Penang at Penang Heritage Enclave

The Armenian Park is a quite green space in the centre of Armenian Street Penang Heritage Enclave.

Acheen Street and Armenian Street heritage enclave was one of the earliest Malay settlements in George Town.

In the early years, traders from Arab, India and the Malay Archipelago used to trade in spices here.

It was also the centre of Islamic studies.

History of The Spice Trail

In the 1970s, the spice trail of Acheen Street and Armenian Street was a popular haunt for old or cheap second-hand items. There is a vacant lot where the space evening flea market traded with gusto.
Today the site it is turned into a pretty pocket park. There is a basketball court adjacent to it.

After the repeal of the rent control act, the derelict pre-war houses are put on the market and sold. The new owners have refurbished these into homestays and popular restaurants and cafes.

It is no longer dodgy to walk the streets at night. The area is now brightly lit and is pedestrian friendly. Over the weekends, the entire enclave of connecting streets is walkable is chockful of happy tourist.

An interesting point is when you approach Acheen Street mosque, where the road forks. When I turn left turn, I head to Beach Street. I decided to take a right where it leads to a quiet respite far from the maddening crowds and heads toward Carnarvon Street, Penang.


Armenian Park Penang

Armenian Park Penang is a minimalistic community park. It is located at the corner of Acheen/ Armenian Street.

As part of the local initiative for green network planning in urban areas, a disused vacant lot is transformed from an active flea market.

The works began at the end of 2015 and included resurfacing the ground with ‘porous concrete’. Part of the project included the upgrading of an adjacent back lane into a herb garden for the public to view. Opening up the back lane provides a safe alternative access for the public and residents to use.

Armenian Park provides a safe, clean and healthy environment for the community to interact. This 1,600sq m park green lung is a space for the community to enjoy. The overall works include restructuring utilities, landscaping, pedestrian walkways, and lighting fixtures.

The participation from the local community keeps the park clean and prevent vandalism.

Directly across the Armenian Park Penang is a Indian Restaurant without a signboard.

You can try the banana leaf rice and Crab Curry. You can get your local hawker food in nearby kopitiam at Carnarvon Street.

Armenian Park Improvement Project

The Armenian Park Improvement Project was launched by YAB Chief Minister of Penang on October 2015 as one of several catalytic projects in the neighbourhood.

Upgrades to the area included

  • soft landscaping
  • lighting
  • benches

The old basketball court was retained and now serves as a multipurpose event space. There are other plans for to refurbishing the Youth Centre in the near future.

The Armenian Park is one of the few green spaces in the heart of George Town World Heritage Site. The presence of the park which acts as a green lung and social space has improved the neighbourhood.

In 2012, Think City supported a landscape plan for the existing green space and oversaw the ‘greening’ of nearby Carnarvon Street (Lebuh Carnarvon).

Some facts about Armenian Park Penang

Softscape Area : 1600 sqm
Adjacent Area  : 2000 sqm

Armenian Park Neighbourhood a mere 5 minutes walk

  • 2622 Residents
  • 660 Households
  • 366 Children
  • 796 Businesses
  • 60 Community associations
Armenian Street Park Penang Heritage Enclave

Large shady trees at Armenian Park in the afternoon. Photo: Doris Lim

Armenian Street Park Penang Heritage Enclave

Benches to rest at Armenian Park in the afternoon. Photo: Doris Lim

Armenian Park Penang at Penang Heritage Enclave 1

Armenian Park in the afternoon. Photo: Doris Lim

Armenian Street Park Penang Heritage Enclave

The Basketball Court adjacent to the Armenian Park Penang.

Source: ThinkCity

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Recommended Duration: 2 hours
Armenian Park | 95, Lebuh Armenian,
10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia



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