Cascading Riches Golden Waterfall - Northern Taiwan

Cascading Riches of Golden Waterfall Taiwan

Cascading Riches of Golden Waterfall Taiwan

Going far north in Taiwan, I was amazed to see the Golden Waterfall in Ruifang district Taiwan near Gold Ecological Park in Jinguashi.

The locals call it Niagara Falls of Taiwan.

This is a favorite local spot for wedding photography.

The scenery is Nature’s painting of golden hues against a backdrop of clear blue skies and long wild grasses.

The name “Golden Waterfall” may conjure up the vision of cascading riches of golden coins.

I know that’s what I envisioned when I headed there.

I thought of finally getting the GPS for the proverbial pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

Wishful thinking!

I didn’t find actual gold cascades (sad day!) from the famed Golden Waterfall that day.


The abundance of rainfall and metal deposits in the riverbed radiate a gold-like color.

That winked and teased when the sunlight hits the right spot.

Everything glows with a golden hue!

The name of the waterfall in Chinese, 黃金瀑布, reflects the golden appearance.

Since I can’t read Mandarin, it leads me to be more gullible!

Yes, it’s possible.

I fail big time if I have to order food from a full Chinese menu.


Golden Waterfall Ruifang Taiwan

Driving up, we could see the Golden Waterfall in the distance.

Golden Waterfall Ruifang Taiwan

The area around the Golden Waterfall is fenced up to protect tourists from contacting the waters. The water is poisonous with heavy arsenic content!

Luminous long green grasses

I walked around in trepidation. Areas of tall ornamental grasses, no matter how pretty, is not something I fancy.

Cluttered environments or lawns with tall grasses draw mice and rats.

Surely it will attract snakes.

My group seemed to have lost their senses.

They’re fearless, walking around enthralled by the surrounding hillside.

And those luminous long green grasses.

Are there snakes in the grass?

I made vague references to meeting Mr. “Long,” the acronym for snakes. It fell on deaf ears.

The cascade of gold contrasts against this natural beauty and makes it an Instagram worthy place for impressive photographs!

The wind blew.

It was cool and chilly.

Everyone was happy.

I stayed stubbornly on the tarmac.

I took a few photos reluctantly.

Sometimes fears rise. I gulped.

I turned to my partner.

“No snakes’ la! They’ve gone on holiday. Don’t worry.”

“So you’re saying there are snakes here?”

“No, no-no.”

“No, no, no???”

“Well, remember the Ice Age and Ireland?”

I wasn’t going to be lulled into this.

“We’re in Taiwan. It’s not Ireland. You’re not going to fool me with that one!”

I quipped and ran up to hide in the bus.

I’ve seen enough tall grasses for a lifetime.

No matter how ornamental.

Or how pretty it looks.

I didn’t care if I’ll find gold.

I wasn’t going to stick around and meet Mr. Slithering!

Golden Waterfall Ruifang Taiwan

Areas of tall ornamental grasses. Yikes!

Golden Waterfall Ruifang Taiwan

That’s the closest I got to the tall grasses. With a zoom lens!

How to Get to the Golden Waterfall?

Golden Waterfall is located somewhere along the road between Jinguashi and Shuinandong.

The waterfall is just by the road going up a slope.

We took a guided tour there. It was brilliant, as we didn’t need to walk much.

There is no entrance fee for viewing this waterfall.

You can do a quick check for the latest deal to book a Jiufen and Shifen (Pingxi) Shuttle Bus from Ximen MRT Station – a cheap, qfast and easy way to see the sights in this area.

Believe me; it’s just too long a distance to try to walk!

Great tips for visiting Golden Waterfall Taiwan

The color of the waterfall appears to be golden, and this makes it stunning and beautiful.

On a cautionary note.

Do not touch the water as there are heavy metal deposits.

The water is poisonous with heavy arsenic content!

Do not take any rock souvenirs home either!

Golden Waterfall Ruifang Taiwan

Pretty dangerous! The color of the river appears to be golden. It may be stunningly beautiful, BUT it’s highly poisonous!

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