Zainal Abidin inspire FIP'S Got Talent Season 2 contestants

Zainal Abidin inspire FIP’S Got Talent Season 2 contestants

Zainal Abidin inspire FIP’S Got Talent Season 2 contestants

Season 2 of FIP’s Got Talent singing competition drew 12 finalists to perform for head judge Zainal Abidin, the iconic voice of Malaysia’s favorite ballads, Hijau, Ikhlas, Orak orek, and Kau Di Hatiku.

Zainal has released 17 albums in his musical career, including six when he was with the popular 1980’s band “Headwind”, four solo albums and several singles.

His 1991 solo album, Hijau is one of the most influential Malaysian albums of all time.

A quarter of a century later, listening to Zainal Abidin sing “Hijau” live is a bucket list that I tick off happily. The song’s pro-environment message rings true to this day as he sang in the quaint Kelantanese dialect.

The positive impact of a single song ripples evergreen years later.

Just as Zainal Abidin has made his mark on the Malaysian music industry, the 12 inspired contestants are poised to make their mark too.

Fun Interactive & Play (FIP)

FIP’s Got Talent singing competition launched in 2016 has proven to be the most anticipated singing competition organized by Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

This competition is opened to the public and has attracted many young talented singers of various races. Season 2 heats up with intense competition among the up and coming singers across the country.

There were three elimination rounds comprising three heats for the 36 contestants. The grand final of FIP’s Got Talent singing competition has 12 entrants with a mixture of solo and duo performers.

The panel of judges includes celebrity judges Zainal Abidin and Angelina Asmawi.

The contestants are judged for vocal quality, pitch, tonThe Grand Finals

The Grand Finals…

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa’s director of communications, Suleiman Tunku Abdul Rahman said that the grand final offers a twist to the standard singing competition format.

“Every solo or duo is required to perform a song of their choice. The second song is sung later as a duet. The duet partners are picked at random at the end of the third heat. So the contestants will have ample time to prepare for the grand finals,” he said.

The upcoming competition and showcase of singing prowess are set to further elevate the profile and status of F.I.P. Lounge as a cutting-edge entertainment hub for discovering new talents in Penang.

Zainal Abidin inspire FIP'S Got Talent Season 2 contestants

Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa’s general manager Elaine Yue, Intan Ishak (2nd runner-up), Champion Norlida Ab Raman with Jonathan Raj and Somwanny (1st runner-up) and Zainal Abidin at the grand finale of Season 2 of FIP’s Got Talent singing competition at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang.

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