G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers makes a great chillax afternoon for a perfect tea time treat in Gurney Drive, Penang.

It’s just brilliant that the hip and happening G Lounge has the cutest homemade cupcakes and macaroons on offer. Aside from coffee and teas, the chillax atmosphere at g Hotel Gurney is massively popular.

After my shopping at Gurney Plaza, I rather like to chill at the incredibly chic G Lounge than a regular coffee joint.

Why park yourself at G Lounge?

G Lounge has the longest hotel bar in Penang.

A whopping 46 feet long, the design is a clever use of space as the bar emerges seamlessly as an extension to the hotel’s main reception.

There are mocktails here!

If you don’t fancy a coffee or tea, there are lots of urban drinks to order from the extensive drinks menu.

G Lounge specializes in signature cocktails and happy hour promotion.

The concept of marrying the nicest drinks, pretty cupcakes and macaroons is perfect!

The cupcakes and macaroons on display here are sweetly and coyly inviting.

Diet ruined again! How do you resist those little bite-size cupcakes and sweet macarons?

Not to worry, these delectable sweets are not as sweet as I thought they will taste.

Who says you can’t have homemade cupcakes and macaroons at a Lounge.

G Hotel Gurney shows it’s not only possible; on top of that, there are delicious offers!

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers
These are just so pretty when you peer inside!

Cool Chill Happiness

You get a great lounge atmosphere, nice cool ambiance and a perfect place to chat away in the beautiful settings of the G Lounge.

This is a perfect Instagram worthy experience as the G Hotel is incredibly classy.

I find this a perfect watering hole to relax, mix, and mingle. Who knows who you will meet?

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers
G BAR CREATIONS. Delicious mocktails for your tea time treats!

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offer

Satisfy your yearning for some delicious tea time treats daily!

Cupcake RM12 each |Mini cupcakes RM12 for 2 pcs | Macarons RM12 for 4 pcs

G Hotel Gurney Cupcakes + Macarons Offers
Love this!

Operation hours: Daily 10.00am to 1.00am | Ground floor, G Hotel Gurney, Gurney Drive, Penang.


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