Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge - G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge – G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge – G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Women love afternoon tea.  Seriously. I kid you not. The ladies love the coffee, tea and mingle here. Sweet cakes and delish canapes draw them in like a whiff of freshly brew coffee.

Shopping at the two malls in Pulau Tikus may leave you breathless I know. It is packed on the weekends.

After a mani and pedi, ladies I suggest you come to the G Hotel and take a little buggy ride to G Hotel Kelawai.

Uniquely inspired, G Hotel Kelawai is the sister establishment of the immensely popular G Hotel Gurney.

G Hotel Gurney is very busy during the weekends; loads of people pop into the lobby and have a good look around as it is lively and with a lot of activity going on. You could wander in and catch an art exhibition at the G Gallery.

If you prefer to withdraw from the maddening crowds, find some meditative peace, G Hotel Kelawai fits the bill for an intimate and cozy hideaway.

G Hotel Kelawai is stylishly sleek.

Touted as THE chill hangout for cutting edge lifestyle, the hotel sets the stage for exclusivity with its iconic design.

Very avant-garde. Stylishly quiet here.


2PM Lounge – Scrumptious Design + Food

The futuristic G Hotel Kelawai designed by award-winning Singaporean architecture firm, K2Ld Architects has a dignified elegance about her.

The exterior of the building is 100% lit up and changes about 35 different colours! We ladies can so relate to that! It’s like having 35 different nail colours to play mani-pedi with.

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge - G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Pots of hot tea and a young man pouring it. Photos: Doris Lim

Here’s what we do what we ladies well.

Coffee, tea and mingles. Canapés are wonderful here.

Love little Tete-a-tetes? The venue is at 2 PM. Great conversation starter!

“Let meet at 3 pm at 2 PM!”


For the ladies who love chilling in their sunnies and air-condition comfort, this stylish hideout is to die for.

Whether it is a cup of freshly brewed coffee with a quiet book.

Or a little something to take the edge off after a long day.

Women love the privacy here. To live at the moment in her own cozy and quiet spot.


You can dress up.

Pose for one of those magazine perfect photos here.

Drape against the backdrop of the best Italian designers. Baxter, Minotti and Poliform’s furniture.

The ID is crafted with a light touch.

It is universally appealing.

Seamless. Minimalist.

Picture worthy!

What else is there to do?

Pose. Pose. Pose.

That glorious shot.

Wear your bumble bee outfit against the purposely monotonous colored backdrop.

Be a DIVA.

Afternoon Tea at 2PM Lounge

Daily, 2:00pm – 5:00pm | RM 60 net (Serves Two)

Pamper yourself to delightful tea time with a three-tiered silver stand of finger sandwiches, homemade scones, sweets, petite treats and a pot of tea of your choice.

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge - G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge – G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Bitter Sweet

Daily, 2:00pm – 10:00pm
RM 25 net for a cup of coffee or tea with a slice of cake of your choice.

Brighten up your day and enjoy a selection of our premium cakes and home-brewed coffee. (Buy 1 Free 1 for pastries from 8 pm to 10 pm)

Afternoon Tea 2PM Lounge - G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Poolside with Beyond Gravity and view of lush distant hills. Photos: Doris Lim

Gatherings @ G Hotel Kelawai

From RM38nett onwards you get two extraordinary venues for one impressive event.

Either dine under the stars at Beyond Gravity rooftop alfresco setting above level 24 with a panoramic view of Penang cityscape greenery on the hill with a slice of blue sea and Penang Bridge, the ground floor lounge and make your gathering an event to remember!

Indulge in a stylish setting for a private function at 2 PM lounge coffee tea and 3 choice snacks at price start RM38 net per pax

Spark up the night international buffet at RM100 net per pax

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