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Friday Night Poolside Barbeque – Royale Chulan Penang

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Friday Night Poolside Barbeque – Royale Chulan Penang

Often we think of Barbeque Night but I often say it should be Barbeque RIGHT at the Royale Chulan Penang!

I’m a fan of outdoor cooking from my scouting days when we learnt to light a fire for camping. We have a make shift stove and use a beat up pan to fry up an egg. That is the extent of my cooking abilities.

When it comes to man size fires of stroking a great big BBQ, I would leave it to the men.

There’s so many way to cooking meat that my head spins to think of the recipes for grilling, smoking, using a Dutch oven, and pit cooking.

When I go to a Barbeque I get excited thinking of what I could eat that’s right off the flaming coals, piping hot and delicious with that smoky flavor.


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
I just love roasted pumpkins!

Vibrant, seasonal veggies on skewers are favourites. Roasted root/ bulb vegetables like pumpkin, beetroot, carrots, corn and potatoes are great low GI carbs to go for.


If you love grilled seafood, steamed or fried fish, then the dipping sauce to shoot for is a Thai style dipping sauce made of fresh chilis, coriander (leaves and stalks) garlic, oyster sauce, fish sauce, fresh lime juice and salt, sugar to taste!

Powerful and sultry, this a sure fire way to liven up your next seafood meal. Remember the dipping sauce is meant to be fiery so load up on the chilli padi!

Another great dipping sauce is a yogurt mint sauce that goes beautifully with grilled or roast lamb. If you’re used a jar mint jelly all your life, it’s time to throw that store bought safely boring sauce and make your own.
Mix Greek yogurt, finely chopped mint leaves, minced garlic, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper with fresh lemon juice together.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
None of the jar or bottled sauces for the BBQ. All these are made from scratch by the chefs.

You will dance around the bon fire like me. It’s so DELISH. I kid you not.

Another dessert that we would dive for is a baked banana and apple with brown sugar and raisins in tin foil.


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner

The poolside Barbeque has an impressive whole roast lamb. The heady rich flavour of a roasted lamb is irresistible.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
Lots of chicken and beef satay with peanut dipping sauce.


There are lots of awesome smoky flavoured meats, chicken, beef, lamb, sausages, and delicious burger on grille.


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
There’s a Penang favourite, Jiu Hu Eng Chai (Cuttlefish Salad with Water Convolvulus) that’s not on other hotel’s buffet line up.

There’s plenty of starters and greens; pretty standard fare.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
The Coleslaw is seriously good!

Wait until you try the best creamy coleslaw EVUH!!! With the amount of food available, I have to confess I had two portions of this perfectly chilled classic coleslaw that hold up and doesn’t becomes limp and soupy! Not too vinegary or sweet. This is just perfection if you end up in coleslaw heaven.


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
Always a welcome sight!


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
Hearty flavourful soup.

The Sup Tulang Rawan Kambing is a delicious full bodied soup with a beautiful bouquet of herbs. Thumbs up chef!


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
Carbs and veggies selection
I just love roasted pumpkin!

For carbs I opted for the delicious mouth-watering roasted pumpkin and grille sweet corns.

MAKE A COLOURFUL MEALFriday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner

It is so easy to overeat at a BBQ buffet. The trick is choose your carbs wisely, load your plate with veggies and meat with just enough sauce.


I had several rounds of desserts. It is so hard to resist when all your favourites are there.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
How creamy do you like your Pengat Pisang? For me it’s FULL SANTAN!

The pengat pisang full of lemak from the santan has my top vote.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
For me, I always have some bread pudding!

The rest is a night of laughter and camaraderie with blogger friends, guru Steven Goh, Barry and Johnny.

And best of all an afogato cuppa made extra special by my sifu, Blogger Criz Lai.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
An afogato and a cup of milk coffee is a perfect way to end an evening of feasting.

That incredible classic affogato is just vanilla ice cream and strong coffee.  This is a  beautiful end to a poolside BBQ with friends.

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
Chocolate Cake goes so well with coffee!


Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner

Friday Night Poolside Barbeque Dinner
The Royale Chulan Penang
No. 1 & 2, Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, 10300, Penang
Call: 04-259 8888 ext. 8914
Time: 7.00pm – 10,00pm (Friday only)
Venue: Poolside (Level 2)

Adult: RM88.00 nett
Senior Citizen 60 years old & Above – RM44.00 nett
Child 6 – 12 years old – RM44.00 net

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