Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza, Penang

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza Penang

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza Penang

There I had two lunches at Sushi Tei (すし亭) at the same time. It was unplanned as usual.

My Singaporean friend Wilson Tok and his son Bryan dropped by to have a meal before flying off.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) has sophisticated and beautifully designed interiors.

Reservation for a table is strongly recommended during long weekends and public holidays.

Most days, if you go early, you can get a table by the windows.

On sunny days, it’s got a little warm. It’s a fair trade for a decent view of the Gurney Drive promenade.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

The Singaporean dudes who love Sushi Tei (すし亭) have lunch here before going off to the airport!

We sat near the window and lo and beheld the Loh sisters were at the next table.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

The Loh sisters were overly excited. Guess which sister introduced herself and went all out to entertain my friends! Awkward! I know!

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

The Loh sisters can EAT. This is their lunch! Tempted? No. Hahahahaha…

How did I survive a double Japanese lunch at Sushi Tei?

Easy. I stick with my first appointment.

I’m not a hard-core Japanese food fan. The few Japanese restaurants I go to, I tend to keep things simple.

I make a big show of reading the menu and order beef sukiyaki most of the time.

And the other table had a seafood sukiyaki pot! Tempting.

Unless when I dine at Matsu at the Lone Pine, that’s when we let the chef roll out his creations!

Sushi Tei (すし亭) is well-known for serving fresh and delectable sashimi, a better Japanese restaurant chain.

If you’re a big fan of sushi and sashimi, there are several interesting combinations and some rarely seen sashimi on the menu!

Sushi Tei serve Carpaccio

Wilson ordered the Tuna and Salmon Wafuu Carpaccio.

This no-cook starter is easy, impressive, and a deliciously fresh way to start a meal.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

Tuna Wafuu Carpaccio

Served drenched in olive oil and soy, fish tasted fresh and delicious.

I checked out the perfectly sliced fish. It was a 2mm, even thickness! Excellent knife skills, chef!

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

Salmon Wafuu Carpaccio

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

Ramen with extra seaweed is good. That’s a Chicken Katsu in the background!

I hadn’t had this before, so it went very well for a light, leisurely lunch with hot slurpy noodles.

The soup was good, sweet, and flavorful.

I’d often season it with some extra flavored chili pepper to kick it.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

Bryan’s Salmon Don

Sushi Tei (すし亭) SINGAPORE

According to Wilson, the outlet Sushi Tei (すし亭) tastes better and is less stingy than Singapore’s same chain.

Dollar for dollar conversion, the father and son team gets more in the service here.

Plus, the generous seaweed topping keeps them as returning customers.

We love the Japanese pickled ginger, which we could ask for free to top-ups!

Good job, Sushi Tei (すし亭). We love the generosity of the management.

Sushi Tei (すし亭) Restaurant Gurney Plaza

Attentive, friendly service with genuine smiles score BIG points with customers! Well done!

Sushi Tei (すし亭) |Gurney Plaza, Lot 02-02, 170, Gurney Drive, George Town, Penang
Contact: 604- 226 1486 | Business Hours: Daily · 11.00 AM–10.00 PM

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