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Fan Up The Heat For Satay Hamid Penang at Seri Tanjung Pinang

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Satay Hamid Penang

Jalan Seri Tg Pinang, Penang

Fan Up The Heat For Satay Hamid Penang at Seri Tanjung Pinang

One of the best Malay satay stalls, Satay Hamid Penang is by the roadside along Jalan Seri Tg Pinang. If you’re driving up from George Town, you turn right at the traffic lights at Island Plaza.

It takes more than grilling meat to make good satay.

Types of Meats Available at Satay Hamid Penang

There types of satay available

  • chicken
  • beef
  • mutton

The satay is lean meat and without fat. Ketupat is also available.

The satay with ketupat is availableavailable for eating in or takeaway. The stall also has does catering for functions.

Price of Satay Hamid Skewers

RM 80 cents per piece

Only at Satay Hamid – Free Flow Peanut Sauce

The peanut sauce is smooth instead of the chunky type you may find in other stalls. The best part is, the stall happily replenishes the ‘Kuah’ satay without you asking.

We ordered chicken and beef satay with my friend Nancy.

By the time we got there, the mutton satay was sold out.

Both the chicken and beef satay are good, fragrant and tasty. My personal preference is for the beef satay.

Satay Hamid Penang

Satay Hamid Penang
Look at the flames! Photo: Doris Lim
Satay Hamid Penang
Our humble dinner.
Photo: Satay Hamid Facebook Page, Kay On
Satay Hamid Penang
Delicious satay. Photo: Doris Lim
Satay Hamid Penang
View of the warung. Photo; Doris Lim

Try this one evening; you’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy this meal.

HAMID SATAY | Jalan Seri Tg Pinang, Seri Tanjung Pinang, 11200 George Town, Penang | Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 7 pm – 12 am Close on Sunday | Telephone: 016-458 2431



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