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Christmas Tree Light Up 2016 | E&O Hotel

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Christmas Tree Light Up 2016 | E&O Hotel

Christmas in Penang is heralded with the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the E&O Hotel on the first of December. This signature event marks the month-long festivities in George Town.

The celebrated tree towering at six-meter and laden with stylish baubles, ornaments, twinkling fairy lights illuminate the echo-dome lobby of the heritage hotel. Christmassy slideshow images were projected onto hotel’s dome ceiling.

It’s a season for wintery merrymaking and singing of favorite well-known Christmas carol ”Silent Night” and the beloved  carol proclaiming the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”


The E&O Nightingales choir group sang a series of Christmas carols
All the girls say Yayyyyy! Merry Christmas
Christmas Tree Light Up 2016 | E&O Hotel
Some friends we meet annually but it’s so lovely to meet and mingle. The ravishing author Nyonya Lilian who wrote “Straits Chinese Gold Jewellery”. Aimee Collins who whispers Indian recipes to me. Austin and Frances Wilks. And the man of the hour, Michael Saxton.
Christmas Tree Light Up 2016 | E&O Hotel
Stylo Mylo Caroline Wong was in the house! In fact, the party was sizzling with lots of hotties!

Christmas Tree Light Up 2016 | E&O Hotel

Guests snacked on canapés and enjoyed cocktails throughout the evening.
Santa Claus and his helpers mingled with the crowds. Both adults and children were happy to take photos with Santa.

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