Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, PG

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Shop Cintra Street Penang

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Shop Cintra Street Penang

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive is a shop specializing in vehicle number plates.

They locate the brightly painted shop in Cintra Street, Penang.

This second-generation specialty shop has the most versatile styling for number plates.

They set the shop up by twin brothers Alex and David Yeong in 1981.

The second generation specialist installer is Aaron Yeong (Alex’s son).

What to do if your Car Number Plate is Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated?

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive provides services to replace damaged or broken number plates for all motor vehicles.

What is the cost to replace a damaged Car Number Plate?

As there are different sizes and types, you need to go to the shop and ask for a quote.

How long does it take to get a Car Number Plate replaced?

This depends on the availability of the alphabet or numbers and if the shop is bustling.

Different types and sizes of the Car Number Plate. You can even find a replacement for international license plates.

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Shop Cintra Street Penang

孖仔Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Cintra Street Penang


Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, PG

In an emergency, you can have the replacement done in all weather conditions.

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, PG

Both father and son are friendly and work professionally.

How are license plate numbers in Malaysia determined?

Some of the most superior cars in Penang have their number plates done here.

The father and son teamwork in unison and are often seen to install the number of plates together.

One is taking the front and the other, the rear of the vehicle.

With the influx of tourists in Penang, we notice cars with different car number plates every day on the road.

Some interesting facts on the registration prefix of each Malaysian state.

A – Perak | B – Selangor | C – Pahang | D – Kelantan | J – Johor | K – Kedah | M – Malacca |
N – Negeri Sembilan | P – Penang | R – Perlis | T – Terengganu | W – Kuala Lumpur | Langkawi (KV) | L- Labuan | Q – Sarawak | S – Sabah | Putrajaya – Putrajaya

Is it illegal to drive without a front Car Number Plate?

Driving with expired registration tags is illegal. In Malaysia, driving without a front license plate is illegal.

Without a front license plate or a broken license plate, for example, missing numbers or alphabets, you will stand a chance of a police officer issuing you a ticket even though you’re driving out of the state in which you register your vehicle!

Can you drive without a Car Number Plate?

The answer is no.

Special Car Number Plates

You can buy a car number plate for specific favorite numbers directly from the official Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) website.

For a quick car number plate check for sale by tender, check the Official JPJ Website here. 

The data for available number plates are daily.

Most Expensive Car License Plates in Malaysia

Malaysians consider individual car number plates (license plates) to be more auspicious and prestigious than others.

They will spend a lot of money to get the car and the car number plate of their dreams.

Some are superstitious and will not want the number “4,” which sounds like “to die” in Cantonese.

The Chinese prefer 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture because 8 sounds like “fatt,” which means “wealth,” “fortune,” and “prosper” in Cantonese.

Multiples of eight are even better, so 88, 888 and even 8888 are most coveted.

When the AKU series came out, the registration number AKU 1305 got many Malaysian car owners excited.

AKU1305 looks like the words “AKU BOSS” (I am boss), and the winning bid was RM20,000.

The AKU 1 license plate had the highest bidding with RM207,898!

The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, is a collector of exotic, classic, and highly collectible automobiles. HRH, the Sultan of Johor, spends good money on car license plates.

JJJ1 – RM165,000
V1 – RM990,000
F1 – RM836,660
WWW1 – RM 520,000

In February 2015, when the license plate prefix RM was issued in Perlis, the bids went up in millions.

The letters RM looked like the Malaysian ringgit currency symbol.

The RM 1 car number plate was reserved for Raja Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin.

RM5 belongs to Tengku Amir Shah, Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Selangor.

RM2, RM3, RM4, RM6, and RM7 were reserved for Perlis state EXCO’s.

The bid amount spent on getting the RM series came up to more than RM7 million in total for the highest-bidding serial plate.

Source: iMoney

Malaysians Will Pay Exorbitant Prices for My Lucky Number Plate

You can also search websites such as Buy Car Plate and Motor Trader to see prices.

The most expensive car number plate in Malaysia

The unique car registration number plate “Malaysia 1” has broken the record as the most expensive bid ever made for a single number.

Aldi International Sdn Bhd won the bid at RM1,111,111.

In 2018, the bidding for unique plate numbers “Malaysia 1” to “Malaysia 9999” was opened to the public from Aug 1 to Aug 15.

Source: The Star

The most expensive car number plate in the world

In 2017, the number plate “F1” was sold for an astonishing £10 million to a Yorkshire-based car-tuning tycoon Afzal Kahn.

It was initially bought for £440,000 six years earlier in 2011. Afzal Kahn, who has it registered on to his Bugatti Veyron hypercar, worth around £1 million on its own.

Source: The Telegraph UK

Why are these car license plates so expensive?

Prices for these car license plates in Malaysia is set.

However, there are individual letters and numbers which become more expensive due to their combination.

A single number and a letter are combined (i.e., W1)
The double number and a letter are combined (i.e., NG33)
Repeated numbers and letters (i.e., BB88)
Triple letters or numbers (i.e., WWW1 or BGP777)

The categorization of number plates by JPJ also defines the cost of the license plate.

Prime Value Numbers (For numbers between 1 to 10) – RM10,000

Attractive Numbers (Double digits or repeated numbers of up to four. Eg.13, 18, 33, 77, 555, 777, 8888, 9999) – RM2,000

Popular Numbers (Rhyming numbers E.g. 20, 44, 400, 9696, 998) – RM300

Car registration numbers that are not in the above categories will cost a minimum of RM300.

Source: iMoney

Now we know where the outstation cars are from. Happy motoring and happy spotting!

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | 112, Cintra Street, Penang
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