Coffee and Friends Kimberley Street Penang

Coffee and Friends Kimberley Street Penang

Coffee and Friends Kimberley Street Penang

Coffee and Friends Penang joins the list of George Town’s hipster style cafes.

This little café jostle for a spot on the eating row on Penang’s Kimberley Street.

“Which end of Kimberley Street?” We asked over the phone.

“Just opposite the bitter herbal tea stall,” said Jason.

Give that direction to a true blue Penangite and watch her mind click. It’s faster than Google Maps.

We know exactly where! Yayyyyy!!!

A new place to nom nom nom with good coffee brews.

Coffee and Friends Penang is a perfect pit stop to fuel up your caffeine. This café is helmed by Barista Jason and Chef Michelle.

Hence the bright, cool air-conditioned café is a brilliant idea to escape the heat.

Chill over a cuppa and brunch is always a good idea!

With new cafes I sometimes, stumble over the menu; wondering what to order.

Just ask Jason. He’s an eloquent and friendly chap and makes good recommendations.

We settled for a BIGGY set, a French Omelet, and a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Chef Michelle from Coffee and Friends

The chef runs a spanking clean kitchen.

This is the only open kitchen I’ve been to that you could take photographs of the chef cooking.

The chef cooks everything to order. I noticed that the chef uses a pair of chopsticks.

She beats the eggs for the omelettes.  Most chefs use a fork or a whisk.

“Why chopsticks?”

“It helps to break up the egg whites and incorporate whites and the yolks together faster.”

The result is a fluffy omelette.

Generally, the chef is inclined to make light and healthy food leaning to Western-influence staples.

I got to watch Chef Michelle cook our BIGGY! She pan roasts the cherry tomatoes to caramelize them for added depth of flavour.

Coffee and Friends Kimberley Street Penang

Big Breakfast. Photo: Doris Lim

Coffee and Friends has a Panini Press

The perfect brunch item on the menu is the Panini sandwiches.

Served hot, it’s crispy, crusty and crunchy on the outside and warm melty on the insides.

I checked out the super-hot grille and secretly laughed recalling a cafe using a clothes iron with aluminium foil to press the sandwiches!

Chef Michelle cautioned me not to lean on the kitchen close to the Panini press! Yup, warned and check.

It’s that hot!

It’s the heat that makes the big difference between grilling or just heating up your bread meal.

The Panini maker presses, grills and marks attractive grilled lines on the surfaces of the bread.

I could live on this Chicken Salad and Mozzarella Panini Sandwich washed down with black coffee.

That’s a teatime treat worth at least 450 calories. And so worth it.

Panini sandwich is one of the specialities at Coffee and Friends.

There are a few interesting choices of filling that you could pick.

A Panini press gourmet sandwich is that good.

Coffee and Friends Panini Sandwich

A Panini Sandwich. Photo: Doris Lim

Coffee and Friends Kimberley Street Penang

Chocolate Chip Cookie taste best with coffee

Coffee and Friends Penang is a great place for a caffeine fix and a great sandwich. Dishes are reasonably priced. The next time you’re in George Town, do check this café out.

Coffee and Friends Penang | 221, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town, Penang
Telephone: +604-262 8830 | Business Hours: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm

Travel Tip: There are lots of places to check out in the inner city and around Penang’s China Town area. If you’re early, browse the Pasar Chowrasta wet market and have a noodle by the wayside then chill in a cafe to continue Facebooking and posting your awesome photos! 

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