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Selera Warung Malay Buffet At Four Points by Sheraton Penang

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Selera Warung Malay Buffet At Four Points by Sheraton Penang

Selera Warung Malay Buffet At Four Points by Sheraton Penang

The Selera Warung Buffet menu has all the appetizing Malay dishes that Malaysian love and the top post would be the Salmon Assam Laksa.

Executive Chef Ismail made a super version of this favorite noodle dish with Salmon instead of mackerels.

I “fish” and found fatty pieces of salmon belly in the soup.

Salmon belly is the most flavourful on the whole fish and cooking this in the Assam based soup makes the fish fat of healthy omega-3 fatty acids very nice tender and lemak.

The reddish rich Laksa soup is ladled over soft chewy round rice noodles, raw vegetable garnishes, grainy fish flakes, and minced torch ginger buds provide contrasting textures and colors. The balance of taste briny, sour to sweet and fiery hot flavors make the taste buds scream!

Penang Asam Laksa is Ranked 7th in CNN’s World Top 10 Yummiest Food in 2011 spotlighting Penang on the world map for its street food.

Daging Bakar

With so many dishes available to try, my vote would be the Daging Bakar or roast leg of lamb with air Assam and tandoori chicken wing and chicken kebabs with cucumber raita.\The piquant Air Assam (Tamarind and shallots dipping sauce) is easy to make by combining the tamarind juice, shrimp paste, Kasturi lime juice and palm sugar in a mixing bowl and season with salt. But the secret is the “air tangan” which is an old Malay folk saying. “Air tangan”  which is translated literally as  (as in a Mother’s) hand’s water makes home cooking taste best.

I had three serves of the air Assam with my meats and the taste was just right for me.

Apart from the lovely curries and rice, I was attracted to the ikan masin (three variety of fried salted fish) boiled salted egg, the keropok, Poppadum and excellent Lekor.

Gulai & Curries Galore

And of course the desserts and a good cuppa of coffee.

Sample a spread of Malaysian-themed dishes and feast on sumptuous delicacies such as Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Kebab Ayam, Ikan Bawal Hitam Goreng Bercili, Kaki Kambing Bakar Rempah Ratus and many more. Not to be missed also is our signature Salmon Assam Laksa that gives a true definition to a fusion flavor.

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Selera Warung Malay Buffet Promotion

•13 – 26 June 2016
•7.00pm – 10.30pm
•MYR 54.00 NETT per adult
•MYR 27.00 NETT per child (4 – 11 years old)
*Exclusive 25% Discount on food for all SPG Member.
**Not applicable on Saturdays.

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