Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman Langkawi, A Luxury Collection Resort, shelters a secluded section of the Datai Bay fringed by an 8,000-year-old coral reef and an ancient rainforest as old as the Amazon.

The Malaysian island of Langkawi is a great destination for gives discerning travellers

A luxurious hotel in the rain forest Luxurious. Gorgeous. Spacious. Private.

A little slice of heaven.

A paradise well defined by the engaging views of the sparkling blue jewel of the Andaman Sea.

Best described as a tranquil holiday up close and personal with Nature.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

The Architecture and Design of the Andaman

The architecture of The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort is based on a classic Malay House with timbers crafted into giant stilts supporting the main structure of the entrance foyer.


The deep roof overhangs keep the sun out and offer shelter from heavy rains.

Completed in 1996, the vernacular architecture of The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort is relevant in today’s climate as temperatures rise; the resort is cooling even during the hottest part of the afternoons.

I had wondered quietly if I could meet the architect who designed this sanctuary.


The large heights and layered roofs allow for cross ventilation, natural sunlight.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Wouldn’t you know, my wish came true!

Meeting the illustrious Dato’ Dr Zainal Abidin Mohamed Ali, the architect of The Andaman Resort was a wonderful surprise indeed.

 He was having his lunch at an adjacent table and popped over to say hello.

 Imagine that!

As a master storyteller, Dato’ Zainal fabulously weaved the tapestry of his first encounter in the rainforest, hiking deep in the jungle to discover the secluded Datai Bay, on the northwest of Langkawi.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi 1

His inspiration for the floor plan was based on the crab, not a hornbill as I had thought earlier.

“By sunrise, the crabs would have scurried back to their homes below the sands and the monkey would retreat to the rainforest. And we humans would be none the wiser,” Dato’ Zainal said laughingly as he continues regaling us with more stories of his life, travels, and accomplishments.

”I used to watch monkeys going down to the beach before dawn to catch the crabs that scurry on the beach.

The clever monkeys would break the crabs into two, rinse the halves in the seawater before eating.” Ancient trees reached skywards with their canopies like huge umbrellas with thick vegetation covering the forest floor.

The rainforest is alive with the most incredible wildlife.

When we walk along the corridors of the rainforest view suites, we spotted flying lemurs, hornbills, long-tail macaques, dusky leaf monkeys, monitor lizards, giant squirrels, kingfishers, kites, wild boar, tokay geckos, bats and all kinds of butterflies.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi


Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Surprisingly there are no mosquitos in the Andaman.

In the middle of the rainforest, the Andaman doesn’t use insect repellent or insecticides to get rid of mosquitos but rather rely on Nature to do the job.

A single bat that flies around the triple-height ceiling in the Foyer of the resort can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects every hour at night!

With Nature as his guide, Dato’ Zainal began to map out the resort designed with minimal disturbance to the site, building and weaving the free-form pool around the trees and keeping as many trees intact where possible.

Even the branches are reused as screens.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman – Living in the Rainforest

Until today, the trees are not pruned in any way, leaving it to grow as trees do in the rainforest.

When a branch falls, it is cleared.

Any tree that has died or becomes a danger is fell and the wood is harvested and recycled as furniture.

The respect is shown to the original jungle inhabitants is proudly displayed and evident in the population of wildlife in the surroundings.

There is even a sign that marks “Monitor Lizard Crossing” near the free-form pool which goes without saying, the monitor lizard has been using this pathway for centuries.

Footprints stamp the meandering concrete walkway perhaps as territorial marking and a gentle reminder that we humans are mere visitors here.

We need to learn to tread gently as guests.

After all the rainforest is our host.

Monkeys abound in The Andaman Langkawi.

Monitor Lizard Crossing” near the free-form pool.

The pathways.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Andaman Langkawi Hotel Facilities

As you drive up to the hotel, you can immediately tell you are in for a special stay.

The winding road takes you to the heart of the rainforest away from the crowds of Langkawi.

You enter through the impressive lobby, complete with an interesting map of Langkawi made from sand and coral.

The lobby has a nature desk, where you can speak to an on-site naturalist and learn more about the history of the area.

The Beach at The Andaman

The beach is postcard-perfect in a primaeval, mountainous jungle setting.

If the salt of the sea is not your preference, can escape to the cool depths of the gorgeous, sweeping, free form pool.

Some may prefer additional privacy, so the options of lap pools directly attached to some rooms and private plunge pools may be appealing.

Guests can experience various wellness activities such as traditional massage at the spa or 1-on-1 training session at the gym.

V Botanical Spa

Let yourself relax as you are pampered with 100% certified organic products.

Choose from one of the many award-winning indigenous treatments to awaken your senses.

V Botanical Spa Villas Review The Andaman Langkawi

V Fitness

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape or you simply want to feel energized, V Fitness is at your service.

Dining Venues At The Andaman

The Restaurant

A breakfast and à la carte dining.

Tepian Laut

International and local dishes

Japanese Restaurant

authentic Japanese cuisine

Jala Restaurant

Fusion dishes and fresh seafood

Beach Bar and Jentayu Lounge

Refreshing cocktails and refreshments

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

Incredible Rooms At The Andaman

The Andaman has a room for every type of traveller.

You will have breathtaking views of either the rainforest or the ocean and a choice of the Deluxe rooms all the way to the Presidential Suite.

We stayed in the absolutely stunning Executive Pool Suites.

Located on the first floor, my room has a patio, complete with a private plunge pool, outdoor shower and its own sun loungers.

Best of all it faced the ocean.

If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion I can fully recommend the impressive suite.

The room itself furnished with wooden floor and is divided into a living room space and the bedroom.

The spacious and airy units feature a private balcony overlooking the garden, rainforest or the sea. Certain rooms have direct pool access while some suites have a private pool.

Each suite comes with free WIFI and is furnished with large TVs.

The comfortable king-size bed faced the window – you can pull back the curtains and wake up to an incredible ocean morning view.

Enjoy the private bathroom which includes an oversized bathtub, a separate rainfall shower and luxury toiletries.

Enjoy the oversized bathtub and a separate rainfall shower.

You can get ready easily with double sinks.

There’s so much to check out and explore at the Andaman but my bed was so comfortable that I would sneak back, shower and nap after lunch!

A Luxurious Stay In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman Langkawi

Activities Around The Andaman Resort

The Andaman has many experiences or activities throughout the hotel for you to enjoy.

One night that we didn’t sleep, we went to check out the state-of-the-art 24 hours “V Fitness” gym, which offers many machines, cardio, and weights to get in shape before going to the beach.

If you prefer to get your exercise in the outdoors and under the tropical sun, you can head to the beach for some water activities.

Here you can rent a kayak, paddleboard, or wind surfboard at the hotel’s Water Sports Center.

Golfers can look forward to a round of golf at the beautiful The Els Club Teluk Datai course designed by famous golfer Ernie Els.

For the little ones, they can attend the “Young Explorer’s Club”.

Here the children can learn about the nearby rainforest and coral conservation in an iPhone-free environment!

The guided nature excursions are for adults only and there are several natures tours each day open to all the guests.

Set your alarm for a complimentary “Rainforest Awakening” tour each morning.

An experienced naturalist takes you on an invigorating hour walk around the rainforest next to the hotel before you head down to a buffet breakfast.

I slept in and tried a night-time experience.

The Andaman staff explained that guest will sight different animals in the early morning and nocturnal ones come nighttimes.

It is like a “Rainforest After Dark” tour, where you might spot one of several flying creatures, including flying foxes and flying lemurs!

Interestingly, there are some trails through the rainforest you can take that leads to the next bay.

Luxurious Resort In The Rainforest The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman Coral Conservation

On the ocean side, the resort has several programs involving coral conservation.

As part of the conservation-minded ethos that the Andaman embraces, the resort has created.

The Andaman Coral Conservation complete with an underwater coral nursery,  marine laboratory, and reef walks.

The Coral Nursery is where marine biologists cultivate and grow coral to be replanted back in the bay.

Dead coral is recycled to provide bases for the young coral.

At The Andaman, guests can learn about coral conservation through a Coral Nursery Session with Dr. Gerry Goeden.

They get to see how it’s all being done, and they can volunteer to help too.

The Andaman Coral Conservation is, the resort’s sustainability project to nurture and grow new colonies and is headed by the Consultant Marine Biologist, Dr Gerry.

The Coral Nursery is home to a variety of marine life sustained by Ocean water is pumped into the nursery daily to keep it going.

Dr Gerry has been working on the Coral Nursery coral conservation and is moving the repopulated corals out to the reef to replace the damaged ones caused by the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, overfishing and development.

They recycle dead corals from the sea at the nursery.

Minerals are used by the marine scientists to propagated and to escalate the growth of the corals.

The nursery serves a dual purpose; as a rehabilitation centre for rescued damaged coral and for the resort’s guests to experience and learn about nurturing these new polyps.

Dr Gerry shared that there are over 600 types of corals in the world and Langkawi boasts one of the richest rainforests and coral reefs in the world.

They took us on a tour of the coral pool and learned about the different marine life species in the pool.

The surroundings are beautiful.

I got to swim with the friendly fishes enjoyed the beautiful sights and take plenty of pictures.

Dr Gerry’s able assistants pointed out several species of marine life

We spotted pointed out by such as blue-spotted stingray, razorfish, clownfish, lobster, clams and an assortment of corals.

“Each little hole in the coral was where one animal lived.” -Dr. Gerry Geoden.

The Andaman team hopes with the conservation efforts, to produce several thousands of coral colonies and a few hundred anemones each year.

The Andaman Langkawi Review

Maybe when I was younger, I would want to spend my days shopping in downtown Kuah and buy a souvenir, chocolate, perfumes and Corningware.

If I go again, I would choose to stay at either one of the two resorts that the National Geographic once ranked as among the top 10 beaches in the world  – Datai Bay.

the Andaman is so far above being a very nice resort – you need to stay here to believe why you need to return.

Experience World-Class Service at The Andaman

Adults can try water sports activities or explore the rainforest nearby, while kids can join the Young Explorer’s Club, filled with nature-themed activities.

Free city shuttle is provided, and the concierge staff can assist you with car rental as well as airport transfers at an additional charge.

The Els Club Teluk Datai the golf course is 1.2 miles from The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi and Crocodile Adventureland is 7 miles away.

Langkawi International Airport is 17.4 miles from the property.

For more information, visit or call +60 4 959 1088. ‘Like’ The Andaman Langkawi on Facebook here. 

The Andaman Langkawi

Jalan Teluk Datai

Langkawi, Malaysia

Tel: +604-959 1088


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