Intriguing Afternoon Tea with Author Tina Isaacs 1

Intriguing Afternoon Tea with Author Tina Isaacs

Intriguing Afternoon Tea with Author Tina Isaacs

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” ―Morpheus, to Neo

When I first read Tina Isaacs’ blog intro, I was intrigued.

That monologue from the Matrix was a turning point for me, I took that red pill and that rabbit hole led me to write again after years of hiatus.

And it led me to my eventual meeting with Tina.

No dark glasses without the earpiece. Full head of hair. But that smile looks familiar. Like  Morpheus’. Looked like mine once upon a time.

I was reeled into her world.

Intriguing Afternoon Tea with Author Tina Isaacs

Tina Isaacs


Tina Isaacs breaks out into a huge grin and waved excitedly when I picked her from the road junction off Beach Street.

“Ma’am, do you make it a point to jump into passing cars?” I teased.

Unabashed, Tina gushed.

“Hello, hello, hello,” as she bounded in. Larger than life and my kind of author to hang out with.

Chatty, exuberant and cheerful, Tina is friendly and almost mirrors my personality and temperament.  We’re sista from different fathers and mothers.

Syamsuriatina Ishak, a lawyer.  Pseudonym Tina Isaacs; fiction writer

I met both women at the same time. But to me, she is always Tina, a woman built with the heart of an encourager.

As a lonely Asian kid living in 80s London, Tina would turn to books, spending hours upon hours growing up on a steady diet of Roald Dahl and Stephen King.

She told stories of her childhood, growing up in Tg. Tokong, Penang. Growing years in the UK, and then flying off to Tampa, Florida for her Masters.

She still has her law practice but at heart of her being, Tina is a storyteller.

As all the authors are.

But Tina is an encourager.

Intriguing Afternoon Tea with Author Tina Isaacs

Doris Lim and Tina Isaacs

Joie De Vivre when writers meet!

Photo credit Catalina Rembuyan, Eiry Nakim and Tina Isaacs

For more information check out Tina Isaacs’ writing on

and the group she founded on Facebook, the Malaysian Writers group, for writers of all genres, languages, mediums, functions and experience levels.

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