Career Advancement Scuba Diving Instructor In Malaysia

Career Advancement Scuba Diving Instructor In Malaysia

Career Advancement Scuba Diving Instructor In Malaysia

Michael Tham shares with SmartDory on How to Dive Deeper for Career Advancement.

Sacking the Boss

Many divers dream of throwing in the towel. Give up that desk job.

Every time you’re on land and back to the office, it feels like trading your fins for a ball and chain.

In Malaysia, the employees dream of “sacking the boss”. Dive Deeper into the story.

You want to trade up. Turn your vacation into a permanent vacation?

If you have these thoughts than a career beneath the seas might just be your call.

Finally. You are now certified as an OWD Great!! Diving in Malaysia is not like the United States, Japan, Thailand, or Korea. The divers there are professional commercial divers.

How cool is that? Well, fear not, let’s starts somewhere…

How Many Levels?

Level 1 – OWD (Open Water Diver Certification)
Level 2 – AOWD (Advance Open Water Certification)
Level 3 – Rescue Diver & First Aid and Medic
Level 4 – Dive Master
Level 5 – Assistant Instructor
Level 6 – Instructor

Level 2 – AOWD

The AOWD has two mandatory Specialities namely:

a) Deep Dive
Upon completing this specialty, the Open Water Diver will be able to dive to Depths NOT EXCEEDING 130ft or 30meters. Deep Dive Safety Rules and regulations are to have to be adhered to.

b) Underwater Navigation is to enable a Diver to reach the Diver’s destination Point A to Point B Straight Line Navigation or return to the Diver’s initial dive entry point. A Square and Triangular Navigation are also taught in this course.

The other two Divers can choose from, but many Divers would prefer to go for:

c) Night Dive is a very interesting Course to select. Normally the Dive Operator will take the Diver on a day tour of a site and return to the same site in the evening/twilight to see the different marine life during the day and the night.

d) Peak Performance Buoyancy this is to enable a Diver to suspend himself/herself above Corals and Marine Life.

In the event a Diver would like to pick up Underwater Photography, this course will enhance the Diver’s ability to “Hover” above the subject and taking the best shot of the Marine Life.

The simplest of them all is Photography of Clown Fish swimming amongst the Sea Anemone.

Level 3 – Rescue Diver & First Aid and Medic

This course will teach a Diver on how to Rescue Divers in distress. After the rescue to perform First Aid and Medical Aid when called upon to.

Level 4 – Dive Master

A Dive Master is a Diver who is training himself to move up to Assistant Dive Instructor.
When an Instructor is teaching he is on hand to assist the Instructor or perform the exercises to the students.

To perform kit up of dive gears while the Instructor is narrating. In the Open Water Assessment of Students, the Dive Master is on standby in case of an emergency to aid the OWD student.

Level 5 – Assistant Instructor

To assist the Dive Instructor to teach and demonstrate to the Student Divers procedures of how to perform a certain exercise. To teach Confined Watercourses with the presence of the Instructor.

Level 6 – Instructor

A Diver Instructor can certify Students from OWD, AOWD, Dive Master, and Asst. Instructor. The Instructor can assist an Assistant Instructor to help him through his / her Instructor Development Course (IDC)


In Malaysia, many Dive Institutions are encouraging their Divers to advance their Dive Careers.

By the time a Diver reaches the Level of a Dive Master he or she can consider this as a full-time Occupation.

At resorts, Dive Masters act as Dive Guide for an experienced group of Divers or as a Sweeper at the back of the group of Open Water Divers in an excursion while the Dive Instructor leads the group, to ensure the safety of the entire Dive Group.

Dive Institutions in Malaysia: PADI, NAUI, SSI, and BSAC
Other Courses are available – DAN O2, Nitrox (Enriched Air) Rebreathes.

Feature Photo: Ooi Hui Ling

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