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Penang Avatar Secret LED Tulip Garden Lights

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Penang Avatar Secret LED Tulip Garden Lights

Penang Avatar Secret LED Tulip Garden Lights

Penang Avatar Garden LED Tulip Lights

If only the hidden field of 3,000 secrets LED glowing tulips in bright shades behind the Penang Avatar Garden Lights would sing!

This “neon light show” is a crowd puller and draws locals and tourists to this enchanted forest of light. The Penang Avatar Garden is not so secret anymore as it attracts scores of visitors every night. During the holidays and long weekends, they pack the mystery garden with cars and holidaymakers.

How to get there?

The area behind the Thai Pak Koong Temple Tanjung Tokong was once a disused area. The hillock garden is accessible by foot via a narrow dirt path sandwiched between the temple and a seafood restaurant.

There are two ways to go up to the top of the little hillock. One is through the gateway with a wooden staircase. The other is going a little further and entering by the back.

Fields of LED Tulips

This is the home of the crowds of the famously planted LED tulips in a riot of colors in blue, white, red, yellow, white and green.

Penang Avatar Garden
LED Tulip Garden Lights
Penang Avatar Garden
This photo looks incredibly like a green bunny!

The Penang Avatar Garden is a private landscaping project undertaken and sponsored by MBI Group has its name spelled out in red tulips!

Penang Avatar Garden
MBI is the driving force behind the creation of Penang Avatar Secret Garden 阿凡达神秘花园

Even though entrance to the garden is free, we found a sign put up here. Some overzealous visitors have damaged some tulips by climbing in to take photographs.

Penang Avatar Garden
Watch out for the warning signs

The entire hillock are connected by a series of wooden staircases. As it is rather dim, visitors need to be careful where they step. The neon lights can be mesmerizing.

Penang Avatar Garden
Some parts of the Penang Avatar Secret has low lights.
Penang Avatar Garden
The wooden staircase is full of visitors taking photos of the glowing tulips.
Penang Avatar Garden
Going up the staircase.

We spent time taking selfies for Instagram and waiting to get the best angles. It was so much fun taking our photos with this magical backdrop. If you want to visit a real tulip farm, check out the photos here.

By Day

The area behind the Thai Pak Koong Temple in Tanjung Tokong, Penang, appears like any other forested hillocks in the daytime.

At night it becomes a surreal bioluminescent world depicted in James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster flick ‘Avatar’.

The light show starts at 7.30pm and the timer switches off at 11.45pm. Entrance to the Penang Avatar Secret Garden is FREE.

Getting there

To visit the temple, turn into Jalan Tokong Thai Pak Koong off Jalan Tanjung Tokong at the traffic lights. Proceed past the Uda Flats located at the junction.

There are “Uncles” and “Pakciks” welding torch lights to point you in the right direction.  Drive between rows of pre-war village homes and go through the archway. You can park at the compound which opens towards the seaside.

Parking space is limited, during weekends. It’s better to carpool or take the public bus and walk-in.

When is the best time to visit?

We recommend starting earlier if you’re heading up during the long weekends. For weekdays, you could start your journey around 6 pm from George Town, depending on after-work traffic. Otherwise, just enjoy the slower drive and Penang views.

Check Waze for actual traffic conditions.

Going there by Car

On the way out, the “Uncles” and “Pakciks” will direct you to turn left. Follow the driveway and exit out between a small building and some plants onto Jalan Tanjung Bungah. Remember not to turn left as it is a dead-end, and you will need to reverse all the way out.


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