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Experience Stunning Lights Penang Avatar Secret Garden

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avatar light penang

Experience Stunning Lights Penang Avatar Secret Garden

Experience Stunning Avatar Lights

Avatar Park Penang

The best night outing with family and friends is to experience stunning avatar lights at the avatar park Penang.

Penang Avatar Secret Garden (阿凡达神秘花园)

This dazzling display of brilliant neon colors in the enchanted forest is mesmerizing.

We have been more than half a dozen times when friends visit Penang. Most will ask for a recommendation on where to go tonight time for something truly magical and memorable.

Bucket List Item Experience Avatar Park Penang Lights

If your bucket list is going to the world of Pandora, then this secret garden is for you! I’ve watched the “Avatar” movie a few times after falling in love with the stunning lights and visuals.

Don’t worry about going far in search of Pandora. There is an Avatar light garden that exists in Malaysia.

Just come visit Penang Avatar Secret Garden, and you will be overwhelmed by the magical giant trees. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in your life.

Avatar Park Penang
Avatar Park Penang
Pink Skies
avatar light penang
Pink and Green

Where to Eat Before Watching Avatar Park Penang Light?

After a good dinner at street food stalls either at Penang Gurney Drive or New Lane, we would take a leisure drive here.

Another good meeting point is Ananda Bahwan’s restaurant at Macalister Road. This restaurant serves Indian food and has a nice vegetarian menu for vegan friends.

Sometimes a few of our friends driving from the outstation would meet here for a nice dinner before we drive to Tanjung Tokong.

A few friends recommend eating at nearby Tesco Sri Pinang to take advantage of the brightly lit car parking there. It’s a nice walk to the Avatar Park Penang or the Penang Avatar Secret Garden.

You can check out the beach area take some photos with avatar light stone statues here before sunsets.

The nearest hotels are great for spending your vacations in Penang.

Avatar Park Penang
The entrance to the Penang Avatar Secret Garden 阿凡达神秘花园 is to the right of the Thai Pak Koong (God of Prosperity) temple.

Ever Changing Avatar Park Penang Lights

They string the trees with LED rope lights that change colors. When lit at night, these trees turn magical before your eyes at Penang Avatar Secret Garden.

I’m so excited to show more photos so you get to see changing colors inspire and basically wow you!

Don’t leave without viewing the famous LED tulip lights planted at the back of the hillock.

Get Ready to be Blown Away When You Visit Avatar Park Penang

Avatar Park Penang
Watch for the changing hues of the avatar light!
Avatar Park Penang
It’s stunning!
Avatar Park Penang
The same tree, taken minutes apart!
Avatar Park Penang
Don’t get creeped out. Is that a face in the trees?
Avatar Park Penang
This looks like a movie set!
Avatar Park Penang
Green and Pink trees
Avatar Park Penang
I’m blown away!

2 thoughts on “Experience Stunning Lights Penang Avatar Secret Garden

  1. A good tourist spot for foreigner.
    The seafood just next to the garden is a worth to try which the taste is slightly above average.

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