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Smart Dory

Smart Dory Travel and Food Blog is about living your life’s passion to travel and discover places and food in Malaysia and Asia.

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Who is Smart Dory?

Hi there! Nice to e-meet you, I’m Doris Lim the editor of Smart Dory.

Friends call me Dory or Little Fish. (Yup I was little when I was knee high to a grasshopper!)

Smart Dory is Travel and Food Blog.

I call it a travelogue of a ravenous Little Fish. If you’re like me and find great joy in eating, then you’re on the right page.

We have many things in common in terms of food! (Like me, you may read recipe books or watch food channels for leisure and pleasure!)

One reason I travel is to connect with people from around the world through eating.

Good food is such an enormous part of our lives. Many of my friends remark that I eat too many meals in a day.

This is absolutely true.

Look for the story of Saffron strands, which I promise to write later.

What is Smart Dory?

Smart Dory is where people who travel for food learn about cultures and good authentic local food. This is from the destinations I visited over the years.

The foods I eat are by word of mouth. Some from a heavily guarded recipe. (It’s true; ask any Eurasian or Peranakan Aunty!)

Others through invitations for meals in fine restaurants side or in the heart of homes.

The kitchen tables!

I am most blessed and grateful when I’m invited to eat in people’s homes.

For my dear chef friends, thank you very much for your guidance and sharing your passion for food and ingredients with me.

Every day is a learning journey and a blessing to travel and eat around Malaysia and Asia.

Smart Dory Travel and Food Blog –  Living Your Passion!

Smart Dory is about living your life’s passion.

For me, when I started Smart Dory, it was just to record my experiences.

Finding that niche. Learning and growing daily with passion. The evolution of the blog is ongoing. As a blogger, I am a work in progress.

I hope that you have a good experience reading.

Be a Fish Fren or Fishling to Smart Dory!

With delicious food, hotel and restaurant recommendations, my dream is to inspire you to travel, shoot for the stars, and write.

Believe in yourself and pursue what your most passionate about.

I hope you will drop by often and be a Fish Fren or Fishling and give us a little follow.

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High Fins Uolls!

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