Grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

Grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

Grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

Why pay full price when you can grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

With 130 dream destinations, AirAsia’s celebration campaign is to thank the #halfabillion travelers for their support as the airline hit their 500 million guests flown in just 16 years!  

Join #halfabillion guests to your next destination with AirAsia. For me, my next destination is  Ho Chi Minh City.

Pick up your next round of Free Seats 2018, with these offers available until 27th May 2018. ‘Free seats’ means the base fare may be free, but you still have to pay airport taxes and charges. This does not include all your add-ons for baggage, meals, etc.

Air Asia Free Seats 2018

You’ll need to have some plans in place before you book – the seats are for travel between Travel period from 1 November 2018 to 13 August 2019 There are also some restrictions on dates. Embargoed periods are generally school holidays and festivals.

This booking page has offer fares quoted as all in, one-way fares. This includes the fees. Please note that the prices may vary for some dates and times. If you are booking from overseas, go to the AirAsia website and select the offers from there, and your preferred currency.

How to increase your chance of booking #AirAsiaFreeSeats

Remember THIS before your camp on your computer <AGAIN> to pick up your next round of Free Seats 2018. The ride on the plane is FREE. BUT you still have to pay airport taxes and charges. This does not include all your add-ons for baggage, meals, etc.

You can also beat the secret extra charges too; if you know where to find them.

The FREE SEATS when AirAsia started its campaign in the early years were a rare much-anticipated event. I used to be really excited about #AirAsiaFreeSeats sale! I remember my friends and I would take turns to stay up late to try to log on to book our seats.

These were fun weekend trips to get away <every other weekend if possible!> With the low fare, this always justify flying out for even two days away from the office!

Now the campaign happens almost every quarter. Not that this loses the novelty, but rather if you cannot book your flights in this round, fret not. Another round will come soon.

So are you Ready Set Go?!

So you do have a plan, right? If you’re getting ready for Air Asia’s FREE SEATS* (airport tax and service charge not included) sale, here are some tips and tricks. You need to get everything organized so you can successfully book the #AirAsiaFreeSeats 

BEFORE Sale Day Preparation

Prepare for the #AirAsiaFreeSeats sale by completing the list below a few days ahead of time. No harm getting everything ready.

Doing it on the day of booking will cost you time and more frustration. It might even make you lose your free seat.

Here are the Top 5 Tips to get your hands on the #AAsiaFreeSeats 

Tip No. 1

Sign up for an account.

The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme (which comes with the AirAsia account anyway). has 24-hour priority access for members. Best of all now, The AirAsia BIG Loyalty mobile app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Grab 5 million promo seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats campaign!

Tip No. 2

Register your Family and Friends list.

Keep your profile up-to-date to ensure everything is in place! Save your favorite travel partner(s) i.e. My family and friends details (maximum 15) to make your flight and mobile bookings easier!

Grab 5 million promo seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats campaign!

Tip No. 3

Figure out the routes and dates you want to fly.

There are only so many “free” tickets for each flight. So, you may have to pay for slightly more expensive tickets if those RM0 tickets are snatched up! To beat the crowds and win, you got to plan far ahead!

The “Free” tickets usually go for dates 6 months ahead, so you need to figure out your travel dates ahead of time. This includes getting the following year’s calendar to find out if there are long weekends or public holidays that you can take advantage of. Check out 2019 Calender here.

Such trips are not worthwhile if your flight times are too early or you reach your destination really late. You will be frustrated to waste half a day’s leave (or your precious holiday time) going to the airport or flying back.

Grab 5 million promo seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats campaign!

Tip No. 4

Have two or three backups.

Most people are as smart as you and probably plan their trips around public holidays. So it’s always good to have Plan B, C or even D for dates and destinations! If you fly solo, changing dates while booking might be easy. But if you are traveling in a group, you may not be able to make such a snap decision without making sure everyone is fine with the backup dates.

Grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

Tip No. 5

Familiarize yourself with AirAsia’s booking system.

If you’ve never booked your flight online, now the time to learn fast. You need to know how to navigate to book and it may take some time to learn initially. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to book your flight on your devices and even on your smartphone App.

Remember to read the AirAsia’s Terms & Conditions.

Grab 5 Million Promo Seats with #AirAsiaFreeSeats Campaign!

Sale Day BIG Tips

Tip No. 6

Book at a really weird hour or book early.

Usually, the first hour of the launch is when everyone logs in. So the servers are extremely busy with unusually heavy traffic.

Previously, many tried to reach a website that is experiencing heavy traffic, by making multiple attempts. Websites have a finite number of slots available at any given time. You may find clicking and be waiting before a slot is open because someone just logs off!

After the initial craze. AirAsia has implemented a “Waiting Room” system where you wait for the servers to be less busy before you are brought to the booking page. So be patient or learn to be patient.

Tip 7:

Book through the mobile site.

If you’re lucky to log on, you can book your free seat through the mobile site.

Tip 8:

Be patient!

Remember, there are only 5 million seats and Malaysia has a current population of 31,995,458 and growing. Running out of patience really helps with the booking experience.

Tip 9:

Check availability

If you didn’t book tickets early, you can check if tickets are still available on AirAsia’s Seat Availability page.AirAsia free seat availability.

If you are an AirAsia veteran, please share your tips for booking free Seats.

I’m packed for my trip and ready to fly off. Happy travels!


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