You Can Get Help - 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores

You Can Get Help – 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores

You Can Get Help – 24 Hour 7 Eleven  Stores.

For single women travelers, You Can Get Help – 24 Hour 7 Eleven Convenience Stores.

One of the most incredible safety tips for women traveling alone is to take note it the locations 7-Eleven store where you are staying.

24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores – Get Help Here!

7-Eleven stores are open 24 hours and are your best bet to run there in case of emergencies!

There are cameras in the store and outside.

If you’re in any trouble, just stand in front of the camera and wave frantically for help.

I spoke to a few experienced women travelers, and that’s their advice – You Can Get Help – 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores.

It’s easier to locate a 7-Eleven than a police station in a new city or neighborhood.

Safety Aside there are Other Conveniences for everyone at 7 Eleven!

# 1 Applying for 4G Prepaid Card

You can apply for this with your passport and travel visa, which is FREE for five days for unlimited data usage.

The choice is yours if you decide to re-deposit for 1, 3, or 5 more days.

  • 4G Prepaid Card 5 Days for Unlimited Data Usage Plus 50 NTD Voice Call
  • 3-in-1 SIM CARD (Mini/Micro/Nano) 6-month Valid
  • price NT$350 Able to be re-deposited

# 2 Withdraw Money from an ATM

With your cash card, you may withdraw Taiwanese dollars from the ATMs in 7-Eleven.

The ATM service is in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English.

So don’t worry about not being illiterate in Chinese. Just follow the instructions and key in the transaction.

For in international withdrawals, bank wire fees will be charged.

# 3 Drink Coffee sometimes I feel this should be # 1 <grins>

City Café makes a good cup of hot coffee that you will at least want to try once.

I know the other bottled chilled drinks call out to you, especially the many flavored milk drinks.

Have a cuppa and rest awhile as you plan your routes with the city maps.

You Can Get Help - 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores

# 4 Foods

7 Eleven microwave food is tasty.

There are lots to select, and I have tried most during my trip.

We ate this when famished hence no good photos to show.

I recommend the ham and egg sandwiches (the bread is cottony soft!) Chinese and western noodles, lunchboxes, and even Onigiri (rice ball).

We see office workers, buying this, and heating it before carting their lunch and dinner boxes home to eat.

# 5 Fresh Fruits

In Taiwan, the location where a fruit tree is planted determined the size and flavor of the fruit.

7 Eleven is a great place to try different seasonal fresh fruits cut into slices.

You get to work beautiful sweet melons instead of buying a whole large fruit.

One of the most incredible safety tips for women traveling alone is to head towards a 7 Eleven for help.

# 6 Chilled Beverages, Frozen Fruit & Snacks

I get stumped every day when I face the chiller. There are just so many types of deliciously flavored pints of milk, yogurt, and fruit juices to choose from.

I just love everything.

# 7 My Beauty Diary

Affordable beauty and skincare products are available according to skin conditions.

If you’re worried, then you can try a pack of beauty masks in your hotel room at night to hydrate your skin.

Beauty masks are one of the must-buys in Taiwan’s 7-Eleven.

You Can Get Help - 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores

Toiletries are always significant buys. We love the wide variety of beauty masks available!

# 8 UNI DESIGN Thermal Underwear and Umbrellas

The necessity of life and adjusting to the constant-changing weather in Taiwan is easy to manage.

You can get bamboo fiber thermal underwear, sock, shoes, and umbrellas.

There is cool clothing or even paper products if you run into rains.

# 9 Open Chan

One of the most popular characters from Taiwan, Open Chan, is a dog from outer space.

He is like a fairy godmother and loves to make everyone’s dream come true. When he waves his wand and says the spell, “OPEN,” everything will be OPEN!

Don’t miss buying home an Open Chan memento.

You Can Get Help - 24 Hour 7 Eleven Stores

# 10 Restroom

The restrooms in Taiwan are spotless. Some 7-Eleven offer free restroom on the link to map here.

7-Eleven Sticker Booklets

You can get a sticker booklet at 7-Eleven and save up your stickers for collectible items.

You can also redeem for deals at restaurants and stores (8 stickers needed to redeem them).

Check with the cashier on how many Taiwanese Dollars you need to spend to get a sticker.

When you complete ten labels on the booklet, you can get one of the current promotions at 7-Eleven.


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