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KAAN SHOW: Spectacular Cinematic Live Experience in Pattaya

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KAAN SHOW: Spectacular Cinematic Live Experience in Pattaya

KAAN SHOW: Spectacular Cinematic Live Experience in Pattaya

An evening out to catch the KAAN SHOW: Spectacular Cinematic Live Experience in Pattaya, Thailand is an absolute visual delight. KAAN, a state-of-the-art audio-visual stunner reimagines six famous Thai legends. Brilliantly choreographed with a cast of over 90 actors, aerial acrobats, 6 baby elephants and a horse!

The twists and turns of this epic production with projection mapping, moving sets, eight-meter animatronics and aerial silk are mind-blowing.

I watched with my mouth open and marveled at the ingenuity of the seamless incredible special effects, talented actors, superb lighting, and a pitch-perfect sound system.

The show is modern, funny and relevant. KAAN even plays with his smartphone in several scenes and his messages always buzz at the most inappropriate time.

Needless to say, the intricate and elaborate costumes are well designed for performance as the actors and acrobats tumble around without any wardrobe malfunction.

KAAN Show Pattaya Singha D’Luck Cinematic Theatre Thailand


Inspired by folklore and the famous Thai works of literature, including Ramayana, Prince Apai Mani, Krai Thong and others, the show seamlessly stitches together these epic stories.

This is storytelling at its best. The use of special effects draws the audience into the art audio-visual stunner adventure with KAAN.

Six famous Thai legends are reimaged into an “A Spectacular Cinematic Live Experience” as we traverse the imaginary worlds. The protagonist Kaan is dragged inside a storybook that bears his name.  He is lost in another dimension.

Kaan is tasked with his sidekick ‘Gabilpuksa’ to help the heroes of popular Thai folklore.  They have to wager everything they have to find a way to return to the mortal world.


Every time Kaan is successful in helping an ancient hero, he is given an amulet. The amulets form a key that will help him return home.

KAAN gives new life to famous Thai folktales—Phra Aphai Mani (The Wrath of the Sea Giantess), Phra Suthorn-Manorah (The Colors of Himmavanta), Manimekhala-Ramasura (The Chase of Lightning), Sangthong (The Wager for the Ivory Kingdom), Kraithong (The Underwater Abyss) and Ramakien (The Cataclysm).

The show narrows the gap between the conventional stage and the cinematic world experience.
The magical scenes are similar to the cinematic world of Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean and even Power Rangers.

There are unexpected acts, aerial acrobatics, street dance and martial arts performed by award-winning B-boy dancers and members of the national Thai gymnastics team.

There are dancing elephants. The director assures us that they live happily when not performing. I watched carefully and noticed that the elephants are highly trained. Their matadors only need to tug at their ears or motion with their hands.
KAAN show exceeds our expectation with the visual adaptation. It is a show for adults and children to enjoy.

As for me, I was thrilled with the unexpected twists and turns and visual effects. I remember telling my companions that this is a show that Malaysian would say, “Die die must go!”


Travel to a Realm where Imagination and Reality become One.

Inspired by the famous Thai tales, KAAN is a spectacular cinematic LIVE experience. The show incorporates world-class technology, with motion picture and live performance theatre. With high definition projection mapping, state of the art animatronics, human aerial acrobatics, gigantic creatures, and the Tesla artificial lighting storm turns fantasy into reality. Over 300 cast and crew, the Singha D’Luck Cinematic Theatre is the latest must-see attraction in Thailand.


Plenty of car park if you choose to drive. Alternatively, you could book a taxi or take a shuttle bus.


Tickets are slightly on the expensive side. For a performance of this magnitude and complexity, it is well worth it. Do check the website for deals available.


The best seats in the house are in the cloud section, where plenty of action happens right before your eyes.

SINGHA D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre168/8 Moo 12 Thepprasit Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chon Buri, Thailand 20260 | Telephone: +66 2 029 0092, +66 33 045 162 | Fax. : +66 33 045 168 |

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