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ArtSimKitchen @ Jalan Gajah

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ArtSimKitchen @ Jalan Gajah

Hidden along Jalan Gajah is a little café worth waking up early on a Sunday morning.  ArtSimKitchen opens for breakfast and early lunch. Set up by the owner who is an art and antique collector, the tiny café is best described as quaint, rustic and quirky!

There’s just as much detail in the rafters as what’s on the café level. Find anything you like?

Chairs hang from its ceiling and jostle for space with old pots, pans, cast iron woks, tiffin carriers, thermos, and wicker baskets.  You may recognize retro curios from the 60s and 70s. Best of all is to dine on real antique furniture. Every old piece is dated at least 50 years old. Or older.

Pick a pan? Don’t worry these are for display only and not used for cooking in the cafe.

The owner/chef has a small menu with Malaysian/Asian staples. We started with our order of thick local coffee. This is the real stuff made from “kopi lau”; that’s coffee made by filtering through a sock-like cloth filter!

Good rich Rendang Chicken with the Nasi Lemak. But then you’ll probably know by now that I love santan to the MAX. So I like my nasi to be super LEMAK which means only I can cook it that level at home!


There Nasi lemak sets come with fluffy blue pea flower rice served with fried ikan bilis, peanuts, sambal, cucumber, and half a boiled egg. There are two choices of chicken, either rich chicken rendang or deep-fried chicken. The rendang is a thick, mild aromatic curry with a tender chicken thigh which breaks easily with your fork.

I’ve never chowed down on so many pancakes in my life! Seriously. I love the crispy crunchy texture.


A popular Taiwanese snack, this golden, chewy, savory pancake has the texture of a roti canai with its flaky crust. I like it a little salty and crispy and it goes so well with the dipping sauce. Do we like it? Yes, we ordered double portions to munch on as we chatted.

Perfect for small eaters. Artist Christine Das is one!


Giant toast smeared with spicy sambal hare bee with a fresh coriander garnish.

Spicy and nice! I love the taste of the Kerabu Bee Hoon.


This house specialty, the Kerabu Bee Hoon is prepared fresh by tossing blanched springy rice vermicelli with a homemade spicy sambal sauce perfumed with kaffir lime leaves, torch ginger flower, coriander, mint leaves, and lemongrass! The crunch is from taking, raw shallots bean sprouts and roasted peanuts. The squeeze of calamansi brightens it and makes it even tastier.

There’s lots of cubed yam in the yummeh Or Kueh


Full of powdery Pinang yam or taro cubes, Or Kueh/ Yam Cake is a steamed rice flour cake and topped with hare bee, spring onions, chillis, and deep-fried shallots. This is with a chili dipping sauce that goes with it.


A traditional kueh from the Teochew clan, the Guang Jiang is made from yam and peanut stuffing rolled-up in bean curd and fried. This delicacy is a must-have legacy food for a major festival and the first day of Chinese New Year.

Almost forgotten by the modern generation, the café makes a great head start in introducing heritage recipes as a café food.


The owner makes other local Nyonya kuehs on a rotation basis. Do check with the café on the fresh kuehs made daily. We sampled kueh talam, kueh bengka and kueh ketayap which was gone before any photos could be taken.

I love my Sunday morning cuppa with my artist friends!


Morning cuppas include local Kopi-O, kopi susu, white coffee, and milo available hot or cold. Other drinks include honey lemon, lemongrass, and herbal teas.

72, Jalan Gajah
11200 Penang
Call: +6012-669 6486

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm
Sunday 8.30am to 2.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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