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Refurbished Hardwicke House Heritage Opening Penang

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Refurbished Hardwicke House Heritage Opening Penang

Right next to the swanky Vouk Hotel Suites is the Hardwicke House Wine Dine.  The premises’ soft launch was well received by the guests on Winter Solstice Day.

Hardwicke House Wine Dine gears to pamper to diners with its pastry, wine, dine and cigars.

After a thunderous lion dance, guests were signed in with aplomb!

Such beautiful natural smiles!
Pretty gift box with a delicious macaroon sandwich with chocolate center embossed with Hardwicke House logo!

The Boulangerie

Step in a French patisserie with the warmth and smell of freshly-baked pastries is such a delight. Bread, pastries, and sweets in a charming boudoir setting! There are meticulously crafted cakes and inviting gelato. That soft, elastic texture of a good gelato looks very tempting.

I would love to spend afternoons here hiding away in a corner indulging in a high tea set or have an early brunch with some friends.

With Chef de cuisine H C Teoh helming the fort, the menu offerings sound heavenly. Amuse Bouches Du Jour. Whiskey Glazed Duck Breast. I could prattle on and on.

“Fish, to taste right, must swim three times – in water, in butter, and in wine.”

Beautiful Space

I wait in anticipation for the formal dining experience with a multi-course menu. The beauty of dining in a heritage building is the sparkling crystal, gleaming silverware with the porcelains and linens.  Perfect and immaculate would be the order of dinner that has great attention to detail, with wine pairing.

I dream of a formal dinner that lasts for hours with good conversation to stimulate the appetite. The food a feast for the senses.

Will, there be liqueurs, and brandies are served in another room.

Will Hardwicke House focus on the best coffee and cigar pairing? All these are personal preferences when it comes to cigars. These can complement other pleasures, such as food, liquor or coffee.

With the abundance of individual complexity when combined, I am sure the experience accorded at the Hardwicke House Wine Dine will be a captivating experience.

You could choose to dine al fresco.
Chef de cuisine H C Teoh with his energetic team of chefs.
“I’ll skip the mains for my bread and puddings,” said little Fish!


Casual dining area with wooden keg tables.
Violin String Quartet played “Christmas Medley” of favorite carols.

harwicke-house-opening_smartdory-10Hardwicke House Wine Dine
67. Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
George Town, Penang
Email: @Hardwickehousewinedine
Call: +604-370 8388

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