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Celebrating Christmas in San Diego USA

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Celebrating Christmas With Family in San Diego, California

Celebrating Christmas in San Diego USA

Felicia Khor shares how her family celebrated Christmas in San Diego, USA.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. In San Diego, USA where I live now, Christmas is celebrated differently than when I was back in my hometown in little Penang.

Over here, I love to shop for our Christmas tree and use the greens from my backyard to create beautiful garlands from fresh cut spruce evergreen.

A lot goes into creating a warm and cozy place for the family and friends to gather.

It takes lots of colors, textures, lights and even the right smells just to spruce up the house for the festive season.

I made two fresh wreaths with beautiful wired ribbons, red berries and ornaments to make it stand out.

I hung one at the front door to greet the guests, hoping to make a jolly first impression!

The second is fresh garland draped atop the tall fireplace mantle with sparkling ornaments and battery operated candles give a focal point and warm with the burning logs.

I love the twinkling lights in the Christmas tree, laden with ornaments that I build up over the years. It brings back such wonderful memories of the past when I unpack these to dress up the tree.

Finally, what is Christmas without loads of baking and filling the air with the sweet smells of oven-fresh cookies, cakes, and goodies?

Celebrating Christmas in San Diego, USA
Felicia Khor with her new wreath.

Celebrating Christmas in San Diego, USA

Celebrating Christmas in San Diego, USA

Celebrating Christmas in San Diego, USA

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Photos are from Felicia Khor’s personal collection.

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