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The Tale Began As All Tales Do At A Corner Near Shops

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The Tale Began As All Tales Do At A Corner Near Shops

The Tale Began As All Tales Do At A Corner Near Shops

Once Irina told me, “When my family traveled to India, we stayed at this hotel near the shops. My youngest girl would venture out gingerly to look around, just a few steps short of the lobby. The Tale Began As All Tales Do At A Corner Near Shops!”

“We would eye her, this fair girl looking out and taking in the sights and color of India. She ran back giggling, collapsed on the sofa and sort of snorted.”

Irina went to see why.

The Handshake!

“Mum, I show you,” she said. Her eyes were bright and dancing. She took Irina’s hand as if to shake it and tickled her mum’s palm with her little middle finger wickedly.

Irina, asked, “Now who taught you that, darling?”

“Oh, there’s this uncle who stands at the corner near the steps, next to the potted plant.”

Irina went out after telling her girl to go up to the room.

“Hello,” she said, offering Mr. Man at the Corner, her hand. He took it and shook hands and tickled her palm.

Irina stayed calm at that crude sexual innuendo. Mr. Man at the Corner smiled and said, “Would you like to have sex with me?”

“What do the women do when you say that?”

“Some scream. Some slap me. Some hit me or call their husbands to beat me up. Some call the police.”

“So how long have you been doing this?” she asked, almost flabbergasted.

“Oh ten years or more…” he winked at her.

“Why do you keep doing that? Aren’t you afraid of being locked up if you can’t run away fast enough when the police get here?”

At a Corner

Mr. Man at the Corner looks at Irina in all seriousness suddenly. “Sometimes, they say YES!”

I looked at Irina and we both laughed. It was silly and we said to ourselves the reward far exceeds the trouble he has to go through, in a weird way.

“Sometimes, they say YES!” Now if only we could teach this in motivation class. Do you know how that would rock the world?

I told Elm that story recently when I met him. He looked a little worn. We had RM1 sundae cone at McD. It was raining outside the Mall.

I wanted to cheer him up. Make him laugh a little. He’s doing MLM full time.

“Take it with you,” I said.

“Yes, “he replied. “Sometimes, they say YES!”

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