Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding

Pattaya was once a sleepy fishing village before it rose in prominence as the ideal beach getaway for the US troops to take their R&R during the time of the Vietnam War.

With a steady influx of troops, the locals soon opened hotels and bars to earn US dollars. Pattaya’s evolution needs an image change and rebranding for the city to shake its dubious reputation of mascot companions on the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya, southeast of Bangkok.

With a penchant to cater to every paying guest on demand, the past few decades has gained Pattaya a sordid reputation of sleaze and the sex trade with a vibrant nightlife. Bars and hotels pocketing good steady revenue. Stung by foreign media’s portrayal of the seaside resort of Pattaya as “Sin City”, Thailand’s greatest challenge is in tackling this economically vital tourist industry.

Pattaya city’s teams of law enforcement officers are deployed throughout the city recently to root out crime with the launch of special operations to make the city livable. Officials said the crackdown is aimed to gain the confidence of foreign visitors and travelers safety when they visit Pattaya.

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding
Check out the noisy bars at the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya.

Family Oriented Attractions

Essentially an entertainment city, the changes in place in the last decade saw emphasis placed on “quality” and “family tourists”. There is more family orientated attractions around the city with waterparks, shopping centers, shows, and live theatre.

Pattaya city has reinvented itself as the perfect seaside resort town for families to holiday and enjoy the fine weather, local seafood, Thai cuisine, and the cultural experience. The bars, clubs, and restaurants are still busy drawing in the crowds, however, when you walk around the city, you will see families, couples, and singles in the night markets and shops.


With the change, the city becomes more attractive to investors who see the potential in catering for short-term rentals which are in high demand during the year round holiday destination. Investment properties turned into Airbnb is a great opportunity to earn lucrative returns.

In the last decade, a local developer, the New Nordic Group launched a rental guarantee scheme. The shrewd developers built condominiums for investment purposes. Investors bought the units and rented these back directly to the developer who, in turn then rented the units out to tourists. An investor stands to gain a guaranteed rate of 10% p.a. for periods of between five and twenty years.

Hotels in Pattaya

Generally, select the higher rated hotels to stay in Pattaya. I stayed at two of the luxurious hotels in Pattaya.

Hilton Pattaya Resort offers sophisticated 5-star lodgings with 5 restaurants, a Sky Bar, an infinity pool, a spa, and a gym.

Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya is an upscale high-rise hotel featuring a spa, a lagoon-type pool, and beautiful gardens with a direct beach access.

These hotels are top end and are very good, clean and luxurious for single women travelers and families. I felt absolutely safe and secure staying on my own here. Both hotels are especially comfortable with the natural wind breezes blowing through the rooms if you leave the balcony glass door open.

There are a few different room sizes and layouts and these depend on your budget. As always there’s a nice balcony to chill and take in the view. One has a circular tub, the other, a sunken tub to soak in. Both are very nice to draw a long warm bath.

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding
The circular tub in my room at Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya. Photo: Doris Lim

Buffet Breakfast in Hotels

Breakfast is usually included in the room rate (remember to check this when you book). The breakfast buffet is simply marvelous with Western, Asian, Japanese fare. Normally there are plenty of fruits, salads, and vegan options available too.

Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya has the Best breakfast with Continental, Asian, American, Buffet and Good coffee! I had the Mövenpick ice cream for breakfast as a treat from the resort. Ice Cream is not included in the breakfast package. You could order if you want to eat that for breakfast! Of course, don’t forget to go for the Chocolate Hour! Mövenpick dedicates one hour in the afternoon to an exquisite tasting experience with Mövenpick chocolate homemade creations!

Lunch and Dinner you can opt to eat in the hotel or go out to town.

For single women travelers and families, you may prefer to stay and enjoy the hotel’s facilities. If you sit on the deck at the Hilton you can enjoy the city lights below.

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding
Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is well known for its water sports festivals which attract visitors from all over the world. The Jet Ski World Cup event and several sponsored sports events for para-sailing, and scuba diving.

Pattaya City

The construction boom in recent years has attracted many retired expatriates and Bangkok residents seeking a second home. There are many new condominiums and housing developments built in the Jomtien area.

The Jomtien Complex has many upscale restaurants along Thappraya Road, the main thoroughfare connecting Pattaya and Jomtien. New developments along the Second Road which run parallel to Beach Road (about 400M inland) feature new developments and the Jomtien Market with 60+ open-air bars.

Pattaya’s Evolution Needs an Image Change and Rebranding
The shift in Pattaya’s image draws family and single travelers to this seaside resort town.


There are 2 large Norwegian colonies, called Nordic and New Nordic on the Pratumnak Hill with a large number of Russian and Scandinavian nationals who visit or live here.

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