100 Yen Love (百円の恋) The Weekend Japanese Film Show

100 Yen Love (百円の恋) The Weekend Japanese Film Show

100 Yen Love (百円の恋) The Weekend Japanese Film Show

100 Yen Love (百円の恋) is a tale of grit, determination, and courage to overcome all odds. Sandwiched between Japan’s ¥100 shop where Ichiko (ANDO Sakura) works lives in her parent’s home is a boxing gym. Just as a ¥100 shop, the Japanese ‘dollar store’ or ‘pound store’, you will find a different kind of awe-inspiring experience.

¥100 shops capture a crucial role in Japanese society. Basic and staple, for locals in need of household supplies, this little shop is a haven for DIY enthusiasts and a must-visit for visitors in need of cheap gifts. That being said a bit of ‘hyaku en’ (¥100) is a deep dive in treasure hunting.

You may come to expect the unexpected.

A Loser

32-year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) is a loner and passes her days in self-indulgent grunginess
She looks downtrodden. She rarely hangs out with other people. Socially awkward, she looks for acceptance and tries to fit into society quietly. When you look at her, you see a deep angst.

Things change in her world when Ichiko’s recently divorced younger sister Fumiko moved back home with her young son. The weak relationship with her sister took a bad turn. One day, after a particularly heated argument, she charges out of the house for good to live alone.

With few employment options to support herself, Ichiko works the night shift at a 100 yen shop (dollar store).

A Lover

One day, she passes a boxing gym on her way home and watches Yuji Kano (Hirofumi Arai) silently practice. The pair starts seeing each other and things change for Ichiko as her loneliness turned to a little joy as she soon developed a crush on him.

There are surprises around every corner. Ichiko turned to light flyweight boxing and prepares for her rematch with life begins. At last, the bell rings and longtime loser Ichiko’s relationship with her family and community changes.

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(TAKE Masaharu 武正晴 / 2014 / 113 min / P13 )


Director | Masayasu Takei

Producer |Mr. Sato | Yuji Hirao | Yoshinori Kano
Cast | Ando Sakura – Ikko | Hirofumi Arai – Kano
Adachi Men – Screenplay
Nishimura Hiroki – Shooting
Tsunsui Yoshio – Lighting
Masashi Furuya – Recording
Shingo Kaita – Music


Date: 11th August 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00 a.m.
Venue: GSC Nu Sentral
Admission: Free. Seats are limited to 2 pax per name and prior booking is required

Method of booking
1. Click here
2. Click “REGISTER”
3. Insert no of pax ( max 2 pax per person )
4. Click “CHECKOUT” and fill up your information
5. Click complete registration and e-tickets will be sent to your email.
6. Please print/save your e-ticket and flash it on the registration counter later.
* Ticket booking starts on 1st August 2018 at 9.00am
* Screened in Japanese with English subtitles
* Visit (here) for more information

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