French Film Festival 2018 – Opening Night Film C’est La Vie

French Film Festival 2018 – Opening Night Film C’est La Vie

French Film Festival 2018 – Opening Night Film C’est La Vie

Absolutely French, this comedy launched the French Film Festival 2018 – Opening Night Film C’est La Vie is simply adorable. The only thing lacking is my command and comprehension of the French language. Reading the subtitles take a little of the joke away from the comedic timing. Initially, there is a 5-second delay in gratification.

Alas with my absolutely minimal French i.e. zero (I shall learn this one of these days, surely) the beautiful and melodious nuances. This fabulous French film truly deserves to be a monster hit. It is a MUST watch by all lovers of international films.


C’est La Vie is the story of a hard-pressed, and troubled French caterer Max (the indomitable Jean-Pierre Bacri). His volatile and vulgar assistant Adele (Eye Haidara) leading a motley band of misfit helpers is extremely amusing.

The laughs are loud, the control and pace perfect. As the storyline unfolds the camera pans a hectic wedding party in progress in a 17th-century French palace! This is the setting of the fantabulous fairytale wedding. The unbelievable groom Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe), and his sweetheart bride Helena (Judith Chemla).
Max arrives at the scene to literally tear the screaming Adele from the egotistical lead singer DJ James (Gilles Lellouche).
Max fights hard to bring the whole chaotic ensemble cast into line. Pierre arrives with detailed instructions on the execution of his “Sober, Chic, Elegant” wedding. A theme which he has been planning for most of his life.


The perfectly timed action all takes place on one glorious summer day and night. The venue, the grandiose Chateau de Balleroy in Bayeux, Normandy. The Chateau’s setting is in its eloquence, grandeur, and grace.
The wedding comes together with the help of the head chef, his cooks and kitchen staff. The crew off the books, the delightful Tamil speaking casual laborers who had the peachiest small parts. Look out for their amazing hidden talents that saved the night!
The crew’s behavior and shenanigans include refusing to wear the ‘smelly powdered wigs’ and period dress. Coupled with their plain tardiness it was exasperating for Max to deal with!
When the champagne flowed, the photographer Guy (Jean-Paul Rouve) stole the hilarious canapés stealing the scene! Pun intended.


Max and the head chef had to make a drastic decision after DJ James’s musicians’ collapses with food poisoning. The inexperienced Samy (Alban Ivanov) hired by Adele had earlier on unplugged the refrigerated van just to have a shave!
Guy’s youthful helper Bastian (Gabriel Naccache) showed him the pluses of geolocation on his handphone. Lo, and behold Guy zoomed in and found the groom’s mother (Helen Vincent). The result, a tipsy happy mother, and photographer appears after an inappropriate romp in the hay!

With almost everything gone awry in Max’s schedule planning, he collapsed in despair. In the end, he manages to create an unexpected hilarious twist to the evening’s celebration.


The bizarre wedding reception is like a wonderful chaotic circus gone incredibly wrong. The entire Chateau short-circuited and plunge into darkness.
The finale was a touching tearful declaration by the bride for a great and happy ending to a memorable wedding!
Max’s continual brilliant ability to ‘adapt’ as things went madcap haywire is admirable. The disastrous situation happens one hilarious event after another.
The actors did an excellent job. The characters found themselves in every manner of embarrassing, funny, laughable, and unsexy situations. Most importantly they managed to raise this film to the highest levels of comedy.
Most notable is the par excellence cinematography of the balloon in flight sequence. The soundtrack, music, and crooning from DJ James (Gilles Lellouche) are catchy and very appropriate to film.

French Film Festival 2018 – Opening Night Film C’est La Vie is a joy to behold. I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. At the heart of it, it is about weddings which bring out the best and worst in people.

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