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Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand

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Hot Ready Made Meals You Must Try in 7-Eleven Thailand!

Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand

Even when I’m not on a budget, I still enjoy eating tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast toastie in Thailand. Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia, the abundance of convenience stores7-Elevens are great places to hang out and shop.
For some, 7-Eleven is a great go-to place for cigarettes, condoms and a couple of large Chang beers to get the night started, or even keep the night going.
For families with young children, we head here as a safe hangout to browse and get a few snacks without traveling far by taxi or tuk-tuk. Most times, we look for a hotel which has a 7-Eleven or a MacDonald’s in its vicinity.

Breakfast Toasties are great for a Quick Breakkie!

My last trip to Bangkok, we stayed at STAY Hotel Bangkok which is great. It has a 7-Eleven directly opposite the hotel. The FamilyMart is a 5-minute walk away and MacDonald’s a mere 7minuts from the FamilyMart outlet.
We were set for our breakfast and supper!
Confession, the hotel’s breakfast cost THB250 and in comparison, Ham and Cheese Toastie is only THB25! I know, I’m cheap in a way, but then those darn toasties taste so good, they’re practically addictive. I even bought some sandwiches back home for my breakfast!
For my 4D3N trip, I must confess that I packed in 4 Ham and Cheese Toasties! I foresee a rise in that number by the end of the year with more trips coming up.

Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand
I had this for supper on my bed late at night. Photo: Doris Lim
Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand
Delicious Supper! Photo: Doris Lim

What is a 7-Eleven Ham and Cheese Toastie?

It’s a really simple concept. It’s just a slice of Ham, a slice of Cheese sandwiched between 2 slices of white bread. You purchase one for about THB25 (remember to watch out for offers!) The cashier will ask if you want this toasted and she pops it in a sandwich press and 3 minutes later, you have a delicious treat.
There are other variants to this culinary delight. Some have double cheese or ham slices. Others are in a croissant. But I still love the winning formula.

Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand
Another favorite is 7-Eleven Tom Yum Shredded Pork with Chili Paste Toasties for breakfast. Photo: 7-Eleven Thailand

Do I read the nutritional information on the 7-Eleven Ham and Cheese Toastie?

Not that I can read Thai. Actually, I don’t bother. Having said that, it also depends on the neighbor you stay.
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon is a posh area with high-end condos, so there was still some toastie to find at night. In all of the beach towns, you’ll be lucky to find a toastie on the shelf by lunchtime! I’ve heard stories of a budget traveler going in and buying 5-10 toasties at a time for lunch and dinner later in the evenings.

7-Eleven Bangkok Store Locator Click the 7-Eleven logo for GPS locations!

Love Eating Tasty 7-Eleven Breakfast Toasties in Thailand

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