Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom

Fa Abdul has taken sex from The Best of Tales from the Bedroom to Sex in George Town City!

Rightly so, too for theatre has grown up in little Penang. The theatre is no longer confined to literature or, great plays that culturally Malaysians don’t quite “get it”. Neither is it all things Chinese and of course in Mandrian.

I heave a sigh. I’m so glad that Penangites finally gets to experience Fa Abdul’s take on Malaysian theatre. Did I like it? Absolutely YES. This to me is the Malaysian theatre at its rib-tickling best.

Strictly for the matured audience? Raunchy? But then what is IT that Fa Abdul presented that makes us guffaw, chuckle, chortle, cackle, howl, roar, ha-ha-ha in the anonymity of the darkened halls. Exactly what the script calls for. Ten short plays with 10 acts, and 10 players. And everything takes place on a big KING bed!

Overheard: WAH the King Sized Bed is Soooooo Bigggg one Arrrr!!!

Big Nose No nonsense

Fa Abdul, writer, social-media activist, co-founder of Big Nose Productions returned to her home turf Penang in 2017, with Tales from The Mamak. I know! I have watched how the new actors shine after working with Fa Abdul last year in Tales from The Mamak. The acting is natural, easy going and so unmistakably Malaysian that you laugh at our “silliness” instantly. The cultural identity is so clear. All plays are in English with a bit of Bahasa, Hindi, and Tamil.

Tales from The Bedroom comprises 10 such stories which provide powerful yet comical insights on the lives of ordinary Malaysian with a single aim. It makes us peek into our own bedroom antics and reflect our own relationships.

Fa Abdul takes on the mantle of writer & director in this latest Tales series.

The Best of Tales from the Bedroom

So far as a special Valentine’s Day treat for Penangites, Big Nose Productions, and penangpac presented The Best of Tales from the Bedroom. This two-hour comedic fiesta is a compilation of an all-comedy line-up from Tales from the Bedroom 1, 2 and 3 plus two new plays as a bonus.

Written as a memory piece from her own experience, Fa Abdul shared that the first play “Squiggles” has elements of her first marriage. She started penning 10 minute plays for Short + Sweet. This grew to the other Tales series which include Tales from the Mamak and Tales from the Jamban.

At the heart of promoting theatre, Fa Abdul wanted to promote and encourage action to the public. She cited an example of an actor who fell in love with theatre that a career move was made.

What happens in the bedroom no longer stays in the bedroom

The actors dive in and some literally fall back onto the bed with aplomb. The combination of lives personified and paraded is reminiscences of our own.

Fa Abdul delves into the lives of couples and explores relationship stereotypes. The sweet teasing bedroom conversations of old happily married couples. Young couples just building a nest. The awkward one night stands. Those sneaky quickies. Durian flavored condoms. And even phone sex!

Those Ten Ten Ten Tales

Here’s a little synopsis of the


Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is sex, lots of unplanned sex, which glues people together over the years.


The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person who turns you on. But if you don’t, it’s okay. After all, every marriage has an escape clause.

From Penang with Love

What are you doing tonight? Nothing much. Netflix and chill. Plus phone sex.

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom
When you have phone sex are you EVUH really sure that your partner is having the same?

Scents + Sensibilities

From talking dirty during sex and ranting off Bahasa words like “longkang” and “sampai” (to come) to talk on how to change the sweetness level of man milk from rancid to a palatable yogurt drink.

Kabhi Kushi

A single mother. A bachelor son. Kabhi khushi kabhie gham

Not in the Mood

In a quickie scene with a gynecologist and the woman, their awkward foreplay was curtailed when the woman realized she wanted more out of life. In the ensuing conversations, she complained bitterly about her expectations against a Malaysian standard measurement. One that falls in the region of 5”. The laughter was hardest when a woman in the audience yelped in surprise!

What do you mean it’s just 5″?!!!!

The journey of a Lifetime

What is the secret of a long marriage? Trust, respect, romance, and the occasional coffee table position.


If you want me to bite you, hold a sec, I got to get my dentures!

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom
Sex is equally exciting whatever your body age! It happens in the MIND, mind you!


Not in the Mood

The average size of an erect penis = 5 inches
The average depth of an erect vagina = 4 inches
How long should a penis be for ultimate satisfaction? Do the math.

And for women out there who like to yell, “Deeper, deeper, deeper.” Nothing ain’t gonna happen sista. The dude hasn’t got an extension. It’s not as if he’s sinking in a pile head. Ask any structural engineer and he will explain about foundations and/or how a piling works!  Seriously la!

Love + Grinder

In homosexual encounters, the same rules apply when it comes to sex. Who comes first and when is it the other person’s turn. For the engaged man testing the waters, it was the gay man who felt used and abused.

Kumar + Datin Siti

In another rib-tickling scene, a cougar Datin was seen propositioning a young man. There is nothing to be Shariah-compliant about our dear Datin. She kept all her clothes on to cover her aurat in the throes of lovemaking. Did she finish well? Yes and no. After she tried black she would never go back. That was up to the point before the three officers from Jabatan Agama started pounding down their hotel room door. As with classic tangkap basah cases, (Ahem) the Datin went to hide in the bathroom. Tangkap Basah with a Muslim also works for non-Muslim!

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom
Don’t surprise me from behind. I might LIKE it.

The Cast

The 10 actors and actresses come from all walks of life & age. Yoga trainer, automotive expert, lecturer, medical practitioner, teacher, student, retiree, and artist.

The cast of Tales from The Bedroom are Michael Jackman, Ivan Gabriel, Ida Suhaini, Prem Varijakzhan, Aloyah Bakar, Sharmen Balachandran, Rezuriff Zee, Roshini Chandran, Tan Seoh Chen, and Lucille Dass.

Due to the nature of its content, Tales from the Bedroom is only open to the matured audience.

Sex in George Town City – Tales from the Bedroom_King Size Set
I don’t know about you but a padded divan prevents any (ahem) vibration/banging. Photo: Doris Lim

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