SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla

“What did you talk about?”

My stylist Debbie asked earnestly. She had seen a photo of the little fish with unlikely internet sensation Happy Polla on a FB post.

I was slipping on the hairstylist’s chair. Debbie was mixing the color for my mane.

“Makeup of course!” I quipped. Little fish peered over her red trademark specs.

“Really?” Debbie stopped stirring the chemical batter. She fished out her Android.

Happy Polla wasn’t wearing any makeup in that photo!”

Debbie is sharp. Polla looked more tanned in real life without foundation. I mean, she was on holiday after all and a girl has got to let her skin breath, right?

Gender Identity

“Is she a man or woman?”

“She was born male but identifies as female.”

“She or he is very tall,” Debbie concluded.

Yes, 23-year-old Polla is about 190cm in her flip-flops. It was a dress down day. She wore a red dress, sans makeup and just out for a spot of window shopping and chilling out.

I know Happy Polla from her posting videos of make-up tutorials and her singing on social media. Man, she rocks a dress better than me any day.

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla_Doris Lim
Little fish is inspired by Happy Polla!

Happy Polla’s Internet Stardom

I was outside the KTV with some friends. I remembered Happy Polla’s first-ever Putonghua song, “Happy” released last year. It has already had nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube. Happy Polla has more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy being Happy Polla

Happy Polla’s unusual road to internet stardom is fraught with gossip about her gender. Happy became famous in 2014. She doesn’t fit into the typical standard of beauty.

In the beginning, she was sad to see many negative comments about her appearance. Most of the negativity actually came from her friends.

Just as there are many who became her fans, Happy had to face many haters.

I understand each person has different perspectives.

It’s like expecting dancers to have only a certain body type.

Moving Forward with Positivity

When faced with so much adversity, Happy almost gave up at one point. She learned about the power of positivity. She started to apply positivity in her life. That gave her the power to persist in doing well.

She reminds herself why she started being active on social media.

“I wanted to make people happy. This is where my energy comes from.”

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla_Pout
Pucker up! Photo: Happy Polla

My Internet Lifestyle

As a celebrity, Happy is often stopped by fans. Whenever she is out on the streets, she is greeted by fans who want to take a photo with her.

Surprisingly, her family doesn’t know much of her fame on the internet.

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla_Birthday Kiss
Evelyn Lim is a great fan of Happy Polla. “Getting a birthday kiss really made my day,” she said.

Happy Polla’s Motto

Be yourself. Be real. Be happy.

Happy is such a kind soul and tells little fish to pursue her dream. Her goal in life is to encourage others.

“Don’t be someone that other people want you to be,” she said.

SmartDory Meets Unlikely Internet Sensation Happy Polla_Laughing
Happy Polla is just H A P P Y. Photo: Happy Polla

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