Unstoppable Travel ZeroGO | V10GO Travel Launch, Penang

Unstoppable Travel ZeroGO | V10GO Travel Launch, Penang

Unstoppable Travel ZeroGO | V10GO Travel Launch, Penang

Branded Unstoppable Travel with ZeroGO, the brand created a new buzz in the travel industry at their grand launch recently.
The  ZeroGO program is an exciting travel concept that will stretch your travelling expenses to the max.

For those of us not used to making our own travel arrangement and planning an itinerary, the ZeroGO programme takes care of everything for you.
This online travel portal lets you purchase your holiday online with a choice of TOP 10 MOST PREFERABLE DESTINATIONS!


V10GO FOUNDERFounder of V10GO, Marc Teng officiate the launch of the brand’s new unique travel plan – ZEROGO!
An entrepreneur by nature, Teng believes in thinking out of the box. ZEROGO! aims to redefine travel with better affordability so that everyone can travel.
“At V10GO, we believe that everything is possible. We are excited to share this great travel idea with the travellers.
“V10GO is offering the Top 10 Most Preferable Destinations to travellers which include Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and China.
“Our unique travel plan – ZEROGO lets travellers pay half the price and enjoy 100% earning in points.”
In other words, enjoy your vacations at half price and earn 1 GOGOPOINTS! For every RM1 spent. The points redeemable for your next trip; so with some long term planning, you can go for your vacations, one after another!


The travel plan in ZEROGO is not fixed. It changes monthly. So do log on to check out the DEALS as your dream holiday destination could be on offer next!
The price for travel is an all in one cost that covers your air fare, hotel, tours and meals. You book online and select your choice destinations.
Best news is the discounts come with planning ahead.  Check out the v10GO website for details to your favourite dream holiday destinations.
The booking dates on the website  for the available packages for your planning and selection.


What is ZeroGO?This is the only traveling plan in the market offered by V10GO that allows you to earn 100% points on the amount paid for packages.

How does ZeroGO work?• Tour packages sold under ZeroGO plan amount to only 50% of usual price.• All amount paid when you purchase these packages are converted into GOGO Points.• GOGO Points can be used to purchase future package.The ZeroGO program gives you a great option for a stress free travel without overstretching your travelling expenses. So save up for Unstoppable Travel!


Two lucky winners won exciting Shanghai Disneyland and Nanjing tour worth RM4, 888 each during the launch at GSC Queensbay Mall on Sunday, 17th Sep 2017.
Check out their website now!



For travellers who enjoy a planned itinerary, V10GO is the perfect choice. Not all of us have the time to plan our holidays down to a tee. With traditional travel and tours, all the hassle of planning is taken care off.
Unless you are able to take 2 weeks off for leisure travel, going on a tour makes sense.  V10GO stretches your ringgit further by offering early booking (up to 6 months ahead) savings (up to 50%) earning points (a full 100% for every RM1 spent)
Best of all is paying 50% of your next trip with the GOGOPOINTS!
If you love to travel often and hate the hassle of planning a trip, V10GO is perfect for you!



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