George Tow’s first solo art exhibition “Gems of Heirloom”

George Tow’s first solo art exhibition “Gems of Heirloom”

George Tow’s first solo art exhibition “Gems of Heirloom”

I remember saying to George Tow that he looked incredibly stylish when we met at G Art Gallery. George was nursing a fever during the opening of his first solo art exhibition “Gems of Heirloom”.

This young artist is a living miracle. A decade ago when he discovered he had less than a year to live, he was devastated. He became withdrawn and things took a turn for the worse as depression set in.

At the lowest point George wanted to put an end to his torment. In a dream he had after that bout, he was presented with a beautiful painting by a man. That vision encouraged George and gave him renewed vigour and hope.


George Tow turned to painting.

His new passion gave him renewed hope. George has expressed his emotions into his art works. His love for colours and different strokes has transformed the vision in his mind into tangible works of art.

“Sometimes I paint, I remember putting up a new canvas to start. I forget the hours that I am immersed in it. When I realise the time, it is much later and I have completed that artwork,” he said.

George loves to experiment with different methods. He uses acrylic paint, gouache, oil pastels and even Chinese ink to capture a little of his soul onto the canvas. The time and space captured in his emotional expressions are soul pieces. They may look simple but each painting is a powerful expression.

His hope is fervent. George wants his art collectors to pass on his paintings to their heirs, generation after generation. Hence the title of the exhibition, “Gems of Heirloom”.

There are a total of 16 thought-provoking paintings on display.


When it comes to other art forms, the audience would spend 90 minutes for a theatre performance or even 40 minutes listening to a full symphony.

For modern art, akin to visual poetry, most visitors glance at it for a mere 5 seconds. If there is a quantum of time that people are prepared to give a classic painting, would it take 4 minutes or more?

When George proposed this fun activity, the guests were apprehensive. George told us to listen to the painting by just standing in front of an artwork. Take in its complexity.

We walked around curiously and with great anticipation. In all manners of man and art, there was a hush as we gingerly choose a painting to stand and soak in the view.

George gave a good heads up. “One full minute. Just stand one full minute and listen to the painting speak to you,” he said.

About half the viewers glanced intently. Their gaze wavered in that 60 seconds window.

In the whirl of 60 seconds, time sped by. Then a buzz of activities with an art demo and presentation. George gave all of us little handmade memento. We talked. Laughed. Pleasantries.

A few confessed later in hushed whispers, that they didn’t hear any voice.

I was inclined to laugh as the basics about art is the viewer’s response to it. How do you react? Or not react. The viewer decides how much time you’re going to give it.


“What did you see, Dory?”

I was transported to another exhibition when I gravitated to one painting in a sea of modern artwork. I didn’t see the rest. It was just that ONE painting that spoke to me. I stood in what seemed an eternity just drawn into the painting. The waves of emotion washed over me.


I looked back at George, smiled and shared my experience. A good artist paints a little of his soul into his artwork. When we spoke at length, we felt that positive energy bounced back and forth between us like a rubber chord.

“FALLING IN LOVE” – George Tow

I saw myself falling in love over and over again. The horizontal lines are scabs that heal after the initial cut when love fails. The colours are hopeful with pinks taking over the blues. It is not red. It is just infatuation.


During the launch, George shared details and background about his art. He got the guests to sign the canvas bag. G Hotel’s Director of Communications, Christina Tan added a finishing touch to the painting which was then presented as a souvenir to G Hotel for hosting the exhibition.


The real interview with George was not during the launch of the exhibition with the crowds. It was at the G Lounge, sitting opposite this good-looking man. He is earnest, positive, motivated and exudes such good vibes.

Open to ideas and new concepts, George’s outlook now is one that rises to meet challenges.

“My wish is my art collectors will pass on my paintings to their heirs, generation after generation,” he said.

“MY VISION” ~ Not for Sale

George will give this two sided artwork to one of his lucky art collectors after the exhibition is over at the end of October 2017. The title of this artwork is called “My Vision”.


There is a painting inside the small bottle called Baby Gems by George Tow which are on sale for RM118 each.


“Baby Gem” Photo: George Tow

George Tow’s “Gems of Heirloom” exhibition at G Hotel Gurney is from 5 September 2017 till 31 October 2017 at G Art Gallery, Link Bridge at Level 1. Do drop in to view the paintings available for sale. Those interested in his art pieces may approach the Reception directly to purchase the paintings. For inquiries please contact +604 238 0000 for details.


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