What’s Your View On Looking Ridiculously Body Beautiful Old

What’s Your View On Looking Ridiculously Body Beautiful Old

What’s Your View On Looking Ridiculously Body Beautiful Old

Children in Asia may pack on kilo after kilos of flab resulting in rapid childhood weight gain and lug around excess body weight into adulthood. An unparalleled increase of obesity with high dietary fat is making Michelin babies out of every one of us.

And fat, obese adults who look to retirement with buckled knees, elevated cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.

Call it whatever you wish. Lifestyle disease. A packed unreasonable schedule. Tight deadlines etc. What happens is most of us have fallen into the trap of overeating to compensate.


You can’t eat this all the time,
A large plate of cheese covered Cannoli.
Cheese Cannoli is not going to give you 6 pacs!

Not exercise and look this good!

Chuando Tan is totally ripped!
Chuando Tan is totally ripped!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

There is a reversal of body definition that may perhaps inspire you to push away that triple cheeseburger.

HE’S 50? NO WAY!

Meet fifty-year-old Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan. Chuando looks incredibly youthful and looks as good as any of the models he shoots for glitzy magazines.

He may make men half his age and mothers cry in anguish.

Chuando Tan looks 20s
Pretty buff in pink! Chuando Tan looks like someone in his 20s.


How is that some men look ridiculous handsome and move around effortlessly. And others?  Well, they’re just others.

One told SmartDory that this,”Why need 6 pac? All in one will do.” See what I mean about others?

Chuando who looks like an Asian version of Keanu Reeves | Robert Downey Jr. wears a goatee and horn rims with aplomb. Chuando looks like the models he shoots. He comes across cheeky and cute.

In one of his Instagram post, he points to his beard. “My dear Grey, I can see that you are here to stay.”


When we see Chuando going viral, the women go gaga, nosebleed.  In their minds, they rush to buy baby oil with hopes of polishing his peds and abs. And perhaps yonder.

Gay men think he’s cute too. Chuando looks very metrosexual.

Celebrate Midlife without the Crisis

How is it that the tables are turning at such an alarming rate? Midlife is now celebrated with the body beautiful, soulful eyes and megawatt smiles.

The answer perhaps lies not only in what he eats or doesn’t eat. He probably gets up early and put the hours in the gym working out. Possibly eat clean most of the week and has cheat days and cheat dates to enjoy life.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and think positive. Think young. Stay motivated.

It’s not that hard surely.

Chuando Tan from age 20s, 30s to 50
Chuando Tan looks remarkable as he grows older. On the far right, he is 50! Photo: Chuando Tan FB


Good protein and vegetables meal plans
A good balanced meal provides nutrients and fuel for the body.

Grandpa has a Better Body Than Me!

Look at China’s hottest grandpa, Wang Deshun. Wang cranked up the techno music and celebrated on the runway during China Fashion Week in Beijing 2015. His eyes glint. His flowing locks a stark white. Deshun goes topless, his skin smooth and pectorals buff.

Someone says, but he’s doesn’t really have a 6 pac bod.

At 80, Wang stands tall. Overall he is well toned, has smooth skin. He is agile when he walks. So having a 6 pac is not so important, right?

As we grow older, balance and agility are more important. Not to fall. Even if we fall, not to break anything.

There is no honorific “yeye” (grandpa) to address a man of his vigor.

You are as young or as old as you feel. As Wang once said in an interview, “People can change their life as many times as they wish.”

Both Chuando and Wang have an amazing sculpted body and spirit. Such power for life can only come from a strong mind. They have a goal, work hard.

They are alive and must be applauded.

Wang Deshun on shirtless on runway
80-year-old Wang Deshun takes to the runway during China Fashion Week in Beijing 2015.

How to Look This Ridiculously Good?

Every man wants to look muscular and well-built. Having a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells help enormously.

But, the key is working out consistently and not to give up halfway.

Alex Low takes a selfie.
Alex Low in his 20s. Photo: Alex Low

Body Transformation 101

It’s not so hard to look buff. SmartDory spoke to Alex Low, 37 recently. Alex has been eating clean and working out regularly. He shows what 9 months of training at a gym to build his body.

I don’t believe in going to a glitzy gym.


“In fact, I go to a boutique gym here. My trainer works with me on my nutrition and helps me work with the body structure I have,” says Alex.

Alex Low posing in swimming trunks
Alex, 37 has bulked up after training hard for 9 months. Photo: Alex Low
Alex Low in football jersey.
Alex before he joined a boutique gym in Penang. Photo: Alex Low
Alex Low wears Under Armour Tee
Alex proves that he actually looks better younger when he’s actually older!

There you go, guys.

It’s hard but not impossible.

If you work out and have more muscles, you get stronger.  Your body lasts longer!

You get the idea.

Eat well, Exercise and look Hot!
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