The Dining Room Experience Macalister Mansion, Penang

The Dining Room Experience Macalister Mansion, Penang

Experience a super luxurious lifestyle with world-class service of The Dining Room Experience Macalister Mansion, Penang.

Fine Dining in Macalister Mansion or MM is often referred to by Penangites as “Atas”.  This Malay word “Atas” is usually used to describe something of high social status. The English equivalent is a sophisticated lifestyle.

The restored elegant white 1990s colonial mansion has 8 Rooms in the fabulously luxurious boutique hotel. Distinctly nostalgic.  The spaces in the mansion are branded as Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar and The Lawn.

My first experience in MM, started with a casual lunch in the Living Room The menu has local cuisine and international flavours. One of the most enjoyable pleasures is having afternoon High Tea in the Instagramable Living Room.

Picture shows the Dining Room at the MacAlister Mansion with a white tree in the middle. The lights of the tree touches the ceiling. The chairs are a deep blue. Guilded gold frame painting is seen on the walls. A woman sits and looks up at the tree.
The magical tree in the Dining Room with a white on white deco with chairs in a stately blue. Photo: Doris Lim

Chef Johnson Wong’s remarkable journey starts from culinary studies at Le Cordon Blue Sydney to working in Michelin starred restaurants.

Paris moulded his refinements on French style cuisine.

Chef Wong’s creativity flair, subtle mix of flavours, beautiful presentations makes for a memorable fine-dining experience at the Dining Room. He created his food as an artist, using local produce and ingredients. The surprises are remarkable.

Chef Johnson Wong “Fine dining is not just about “foie gras”or Kobe beef. It is a multisensory experience to taste the fresh produce and ingredients”. Photo: Paul Ang

Macalister Mansion is the venue for classic fairy tale weddings. The setting of the Dining Room is dreamy, romantic and perfect for special celebratory dinners.

My child like anticipation of eating delicious food makes the dining experience most pleasurable.

Another view of the elegantly appointed Dining Room. Photo: Doris Lim

The Chef’s Tasting Menu presents the essence of Malaysian natural ingredients at its finest. It captures the essence of fresh local produce, herbs and flavouring using modern French cooking techniques.

The “eight” course menu has bonus treats of canapés; amuse bouche, palate cleanser and petite fours.


Chef Wong’s selection of triple canapés makes a great first impression to a dinner party. The first is an Orange Sorbet with basil and black olives. The next is Fish Crackers and the deep fried Mushroom Golden “Cakoi”.  Each canapé presents a different texture bursting with fragrance and flavour.

An array of canapés; Orange, Olive, Basil | Fish Cracker | Mushroom Golden “Cakoi” Photo: Paul Ang

The single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre of Chorizo, Mascarpone, Garlic Cream has a crispy mouthfeel and feeds my out-and-out addiction for fried food.

Amuse-bouches are served gratis and according to the chef’s selection alone. Photo: Paul Ang

A heightened sense of adventure and excitement precedes the presentation of the magnificent mud crab. The juicy fleshy meat is unrivalled for sweetness and juiciness. Chef Wong makes this lavish dish perfectly decadent, all the flavours carefully balanced in a sublime combination. This dish is possibly my favourite in terms of presentation and taste.

Duo of stuffed crabs delicately perfumed with lemongrass and ginger flower is a feast for the eyes and palate. Photo: Paul Ang
62.5C EGG

Fermented Duck Egg cooked sous vide has a silky, runny yolk that breaks apart like sunshine in an adorable nest.

Fermented Duck Egg | Buckwheat | Mushroom, a luxurious mouthfeel. Photo: Doris Lim

This presentation in bowl takes its cue from Penangite’s favourite local curry noodles. The tender shredded chicken is moist. Perfectly paired to heighten the flavour of curry essence.

Chicken | Cauliflower | Croutons Photo: Paul Ang
Nutmeg Granite |Fermented Orange Juice Photo: Paul Ang

Pardon my exclamation of “Oh my Cod”  This dish is simply splendid.

Mushroom | Miso Photo: Paul Ang

Moist, juicy, tender and flavourful chicken served on a bed of yam mash. The cracker is crispy, brittle and so divinely addictive.

King Oyster Mushroom | Garlic Soy Broth | Yam Photo: Paul Ang

My absolute favourite. Penang White Coffee brittle, the Amaretto aroma and flavour.  The thick, creamy, soft Mascarpone cheese makes this dessert sing!

Mascarpone | Amaretto | Cookies Photo: Paul Ang

Dining in Macalister Mansion is by far one of the most memorable meals I’ve had this year. The innovative presentation, choice of fresh local ingredients must be applauded. Chef Johnson Wong and the Dining Room Team made the experience both delicious and delightful.

Overall the culinary experience is exciting with detailed explanation of the dishes by the chef. The staffs are courteous, well trained and the service is attentive.

If you’re looking to impress a date or celebrate on a special occasion, the Macalister Mansion is the perfect venue.

Macalister Mansion | Facebook | TripAdvisor
Where: 228 Jalan Macalister, Penang Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours | 7pm till 11pm, Tuesday to Sunday. CLOSED ON MONDAY
Click here for reservation.

8 Course Chef’s Tasting Menu | RM308 | Additional 160 for Full Wine Pairing
4 Course MM’s Discovery Menu | RM228 | Additional 80 for Semi Wine Pairing
Guest may opt for a la carte menu.


The macalister mansion has eight contemporary themed guest rooms. The Eight Rooms are luxuriously appointed and individually designed with commissioned art pieces that are influenced by the life story of Sir Norman Macalister.

If you want to stay at his luxurious home, click here to book your stay.

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