The explosive start to this year’s celebration of George Town Festival 2017 is felt with the high energy and creativity of its Youth Ambassadors (YA!)

Casting calls, shortlisting, called to roam the streets of George Town and now, to man the events. Consistent hard work. The groups of 16 Youth Ambassadors (YA!) have risen to the challenge and must be applauded.

These 13 to 13 to 22 year-old high achievers join George Town Festival (GTF) to be out in the for front (read global platform!) for full exposure to world-class shows, art installations and exhibitions.

GTF2017 platform gives these YA! s a chance to use their creative skills in broadcasting, journalism, video production and design.

YA!’s pivotal role is as a spokesperson of GTF and participation in promotional campaigns and community engagement.

Their one year tenure is an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience by working with the GTF team and the festival participating artists.

Meeting and speaking to a Ya! is a brush with positivity The exuberance of youth is experienced first-hand. The ready smiles, the positive energy and vibes sent out is appreciated and reciprocated.

For those who have met SmartDory, you know who you are. 


Understanding the local art scene, Why Art is a community project to interview, record, collect engaging stories from people of different races and age groups.


Exclusive interviews with artists and gain backstage access to rehearsals before the festivals.


During the festival the YA! provides live coverage on street events and reviews on shows.

Check out their works on this page or @GTFYA on Facebook and Instagram.

George Town Festival 2017 has many volunteers who babysit exhibitions and help around to be part of the vibrant performance culture of the city’s festival.

Give them a hey and a smile La!

Support GTF2017 by getting a souvenir. Photo: Sariel Leong
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