SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac

For fans of cheap, trashy, ridiculously unfunny or funny Malaysian satire, Syiok Sendiri’s (SS6) sixth installment returns with aplomb. Read about the SYIOK Sendiri 3 The Turd Chapter!

The one night run manages to do the impossible with 19 skits that serve to taunt. SS6 burn images onto your brain with an explosive drive that is both mindless and shocking for first-timers.

Not for the faint-hearted, the SS6 literally pokes (fun) at the LGBT, Indian, Malay and Chinese (read Penang Hokkien) communities. Well, almost no one is spared; well expect small children, animals, and pink boa constrictors.

Opening Drag

Hang on to your seat and get ready to blast off. The stage opens with a man in drag. Or was that a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman? Oh well! It’s only the ridiculously talented Daniel de Silva at play.

Funny farm “mental hospital” comes alive with this masculine and muscular singing diva to boot!

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac
Not a happy connection here. Photos: Doris Lim

Meeting the Director John S. de Silva

John S. de Silva is deceptively normal. I’ve met him twice. I can assure you he looks intelligent and harmless. He is not to be confused with Sri Lankan playwright John de Silva (1857–1922) which none of us has met, ok!

What goes on in John’s head is a tee-hee giggle, a snigger that draws you in. The passion for Malaysian comedy runs deep for John and the players in this collection of skits.

It takes the mickey out of our daily Malaysian monotonous preoccupations. Watching comedy is the only way to realize our peculiarity.

I mean, it’s like cooking rice in a rice cooker. In other parts of the world, others don’t eat rice at every meal or even use rice cookers! Something Malaysians fail to realize.

What? 19 Skits?

Indian neighbors’ preoccupation with a suitable suitor for their daughter and GST levied on essentials like a good saree!

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac
Just your typical drama Indian family. Photos: Doris Lim

Malaysian Punters Love Hot Numbers!

Chinese bra salesgirls’ (read all Malaysian Chinese) preoccupation with 4D Empat Nombor Ekor and money.

This is not just a Chinese preoccupation with gambling.

It is atypical of most Malaysians.

Malaysians love Hot Numbers. 

When a punter wins some whopping amount in Sports Toto jackpots, Malaysian punter will find out and head to the same outlet to buy the “next” winning ticket!

When it comes to Big Soccer Matches, quick-thinking bookies in the country will come up with packages to pamper wealthy punters feel like VIPs!

The punters get to bet to their heart’s content while in Malaysia where they can watch live World Cup matches as they wine and dine.

Bookies think of everything.

They even provide social escorts who will act as translators.

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac
A Hokkien skit best personified by salesgirls in a supermarket. Photos: Doris Lim

Kosher Anyone?

Malay’s preoccupation of Haram and Halal with the drill guru on The Tipah Show. Some confusion here? Is water kosher?

Laughter is the only option as the players take us on a journey that is best experienced by immersion.

The players scream, roar, dance and sing their hearts out. “Angry Lesbos” is wickedly real and vivid.

I think this installment has the best eye candy with the deliciously muscular Kabilan MD and Daniel de Silva in various stages of dressing and undressed. Well, it’s not every day that a dude can rock a saree. For that matter, a wedding gown from Merry Marry Wardrobe.

Come up! Look at them strut their stuff in killer heels and rotate their hips. (Mmm sounds delicious!)

Alternative Chorals Makes You Sing!

Whether you titter nervously or smile widely. The alternative choral is eye-popping. The script singes your ears. Penang Hokkien in blue prose is hilariously funny, in Tamil, it absolutely burns!

Not that my Tamil’s any good. Tee hee hee…

The players move seamlessly and boldly with quick wardrobe changes. Their presence filled the stage as you get drawn in. They reel you in slowly into their dysfunctional ordinary world.

The dialogue is less raunchy. I think. Or maybe I’ve come to expect sterner stuff from John de Silva.

SYIOK Sendiri 6 Is So Malaysian Funny penangpac
The innocent schoolgirls choral. Photos: Doris Lim


Still not convinced? Watch this video and get inspired!

Just like good medicine, John dispenses the wild harvest beautiful germinated germs, not by capsules or magic formulas. It’s by the spoonfuls and by a hand syringe pump.

The laughter is a freshness that you can see, smell and feel.

John continues to dissect that slice of chaos. The intrepidness is wonderfully rounded, untainted, pure “Malaysianess”.

That to the audience reflects a resolute fearlessness, summed as an extraordinary strength of mind.

Or better yet, a Syiok Sendiri of mindless self-indulgence.

On a serious note, proceeds from the performance go towards cancer research in Malaysia, as scientist work hard to find a cure for cancer.

We look forward to the next installment.

SS6 features the talented actors Daniel de Silva, Lalitha, Muha Mesri, Kabilan MD, Sotorng Lim, Kanchana Mala, and Grayden Goon with guest Mat Saleh, Christopher Preslar.

Presented by PenangPac and directed by John S. de Silva.

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