Titan Invades Penang

Titan Invades Penang
A man holds up a sticker marked "Titan" and "VIP
Our VIP ticket to see Titan, up close and personal.

A calm and quiet stroll at New World Park became an enticing arena for robot fanatics; to children and adults alike. While everyone was having their late lunch and afternoon tea, a voice through the PA system is advertising the main attraction of the day – Titan the Robot who hails from United Kingdom.

We definitely didn’t hesitate to get our hands on a couple of tickets to see what the hype is all about. After all, it is the first of its kind in Malaysia, let alone Penang! Throngs of family also grabbed the chance at getting the VIP tickets which includes a photography session with the 2.4m giant who weighs a whopping 350kg. Woah!

Image show Titan the Robot, up close. Behind the robots are 3 humans in black outfits.
Titan the Robot, up close.

While waiting for Titan to make his grand appearance, the host is generously feeding us with Titan’s “data” so to speak – his birthplace and his career. Interestingly, he is one of an identical septuplet that performs all around the world! That information literally made our eyes light up.

At 3:00PM sharp, Titan came strolling out on his cart with his well-suited up assistant, giving me the same mysterious feeling I had when watching the Men In Black movies. Once he descends from the cart, Titan wows us with his ability to converse in multiple languages, singing and dancing skills, not to mention his sense of humour. Oh, did we forget to mention? He squirts water out of his nostrils too! Talk about a cool off on a hot and humid day.

Titan being wheeled out on his cart for his performance. On right is a blue backdrop with the words "TITAN"
Titan being wheeled out on his cart for his performance
Image shows Titan and his assistant giving out limited edition freebies.
Titan and his assistant giving out limited edition freebies

After the first session, all those in the VIP area were given a chance to have a group photo with Titan while he rests, recharge and gets ready for his finale. He truly is a great entertainer and it is plastered on every boys and girls face. The giggles and smiles shows that Titan the Robot truly lives up to his reputation as being the biggest entertainer on the planet.

Titan interacting with the audience.
Titan interacting with the audience.

Titan will be having his last performance in Penang for his Malaysian leg on 11th Dec 2016 at New World Park. He will be giving his all at 3:00PM, 6:00PM and 9:00PM. Do drop by at least an hour early to get your hands on the tickets. He definitely is one amazing robot that will capture our hearts, so don’t miss this opportunity of seeing him in the flesh (oppsss.. steel!)